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First newspaper mention…

I am attending the Saima Park Tori again this year…I hope! (Thanks once again to my book distributors for shipping via the wrong service. I needed the extra anxiety of maybe NOT having books to sell at the event!)

My niece forwarded me the link to the Sentinel & Enterprise write-up. I don’t think I’ve been in a newspaper for my writing!

Saima Park Annual Tori is the place to be on Sunday for the Classic Car Cruise as well.

Come on by! I’m almost famous now. Once Steven Spielberg’s people call me back for the movie deal and James Earl Jones agrees to read the audio book version…



Darn, Darney Darn! or (How I still haven’t gotten my Book 2 published!)

I have had a super crappy winter, Ladies and Gents.

DAGGER, Book 2 of The Hunted Mage Trilogy, has NOT launched yet. I am pretty depressed about my lack of progress with my last set of line-by-line revisions.

There’s a lot of words to corral in Book the Second and they have been around for a long time. (I had to split things up into smaller volumes to make publishing possible way back when I had an agent stringing me along, so much of book 2 was already written.)

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Yowza! Sales galore…

FinnFunn was, by far, the most successful book-selling adventure I have undertaken!

My first whirlwind sale was to Katrina & Steve at the table next door.  They roast coffee…for Finns…there really should have been caution signs around their booth. Coffee roasted specially for Finns is a dangerously strong product.

In all, largely in part to my Lovely Bride, who seemed to grow is size and enthusiasm as she absorbed Sisu from the air around her, (think of Gandalf seeming to expand when Bilbo lied to him at the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring…only she’s way hotter than Sir Ian McKellan and less scary…sometimes…) we sold 14 copies of HUNTSMAN!

FOURTEEN?! Pardon my ‘all caps’ gaffe there but I am still completely stunned.

People asked if I would sign their copies and I said: “Absolutely! When I am bigger than Stephen King you’ll make a killing on E-bay with this!” (Wait…I live too close to him. Sorry Mr. King!)

Oh, and this promo code is still good: PZFYFKZY for $2.00  off the Createspace eStore paperback.

Selling Books @ FinnFunn Weekend in Troy, NH

So, here’s a whirlwind book tour for me. My wife found out about FinnFunn Weekend sponsored by Finlandia Foundation National.

They are hosting a Finnish Marketplace (Tori) on Saturday morning. Handcrafted hats and scarfs, baked goods, displays of Finnish heritage etc. I will sell copies of HUNTSMAN there.

Here is the website: Finnish Tori and a page of vendors for the event. (My info is towards the bottom since I am a late addition scrambling to get it going.)

We discovered the event from my sister-in-law Elisa Lomme who will be selling paintings and baked goods at her table across the way! (She’s gots da painting skills, but no website yet. So you’ll have to attend the Tori and start a bidding war!)

Initial contact with the event coordinators found that things were full at the site, but since two of the planners enjoy books…I got a follow-up email saying that they tweaked the floor plan a bit to make some room for me!

Here are directions to the Troy Elementary School where the Tori will take place from 9am to 2:30pm.

My wife is teaching me how to say “Christmas is coming. Are you ready?  Buy my book!” in Finnish!

Come on by!

In someone else’s shoes…

Weekly Writing Challenge: Leave Your Shoes at the Door

It is cold…so cold, but I refuse to think on it for long. It won’t change anything. It wastes my time.

I need that time to watch and wait for just the right group to enter the building. It’s not easy. Too small a group and I will attract their notice. And their scorn.

I hate people’s eyes on me. The haughty looks; the disgust when they realize that I am not like them; the pity when they see how far beneath them I have fallen.

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Breakfast with Smidgen

In response to a Daily Prompt, I shall relay my first encounter of the day earlier this week:

For all I want for her to get enough rest, I cannot help but enjoy it when Little Smidgen wakes up early enough for me to see her before I leave for work.

She appeared, sleep-tousled hair, footy-pajamas and all, at the kitchen table as I approached the cabinets for cereal.

There was the Stuffy-du-jour under her arm (it was the beginning of a four-day fixation with ‘Darling’, the stocking stuffer puppy she got at Christmas.) (I got a phone call from the stuffy the next day, wherein I was unable to decipher the whines and yaps. Our dolls and stuffed friends are VERY real…) Continue reading Breakfast with Smidgen

B.O.G.O. Part 2~ The Frozen North

You have been hanging from the Cliff for more days than I had intended. (It has been a busy week!)

The idea of moving North was awesome. The actual moving North was gut-wrenching and stress-inducing. It also doesn’t help that I felt like I had gone a little bit crazy. (It certainly wasn’t ‘right in the head’ to pack it up without job or home to end up in…)

We camped and I loved it. We spent time together, which we hadn’t done in months with my crazy double schedules. We swam in the river, walked in the woods and watched my daughter ride her bike all over the campground. (Something she hadn’t been able to do where we used to live.)

There were some rainstorms, and a lot of doubt, and a little bit of panic, but then came a job.

It was in the hotel industry, my field, and had potential. Then came a temporary housing situation, which got us in out of the cold when the fall came.

Then came a promotion.

We are not having great abundance right now, but neither are we homeless and starving. So we try to play Pollyanna’s ‘Glad Game’ as much as we can.

If I could fast-forward (today’s WordPress Writing Prompt, by the way so you all have another Two-fer!) to a time when all things were good and settled and we have fewer worries and more dollars just so I could know we made it, I would!

It would not change the Now, but there would be hope. And we need a little bit o’ that in our lives.

For now, we hold onto this:

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”