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First newspaper mention…

I am attending the Saima Park Tori again this year…I hope! (Thanks once again to my book distributors for shipping via the wrong service. I needed the extra anxiety of maybe NOT having books to sell at the event!)

My niece forwarded me the link to the Sentinel & Enterprise write-up. I don’t think I’ve been in a newspaper for my writing!

Saima Park Annual Tori is the place to be on Sunday for the Classic Car Cruise as well.

Come on by! I’m almost famous now. Once Steven Spielberg’s people call me back for the movie deal and James Earl Jones agrees to read the audio book version…



Selling Books @ FinnFunn Weekend in Troy, NH

So, here’s a whirlwind book tour for me. My wife found out about FinnFunn Weekend sponsored by Finlandia Foundation National.

They are hosting a Finnish Marketplace (Tori) on Saturday morning. Handcrafted hats and scarfs, baked goods, displays of Finnish heritage etc. I will sell copies of HUNTSMAN there.

Here is the website: Finnish Tori and a page of vendors for the event. (My info is towards the bottom since I am a late addition scrambling to get it going.)

We discovered the event from my sister-in-law Elisa Lomme who will be selling paintings and baked goods at her table across the way! (She’s gots da painting skills, but no website yet. So you’ll have to attend the Tori and start a bidding war!)

Initial contact with the event coordinators found that things were full at the site, but since two of the planners enjoy books…I got a follow-up email saying that they tweaked the floor plan a bit to make some room for me!

Here are directions to the Troy Elementary School where the Tori will take place from 9am to 2:30pm.

My wife is teaching me how to say “Christmas is coming. Are you ready?  Buy my book!” in Finnish!

Come on by!

Perilously close now! DAGGER is on the horizon!

I have designed the paperback cover for Book Two of the Hunted Mage Trilogy! There is a proof in the mail so that I can make sure every little bit is just right.

There was one miserable point in HUNTSMAN history where I failed to inspect such things properly and got 20 books in the mail  that were too pixelated to sell. Tisn’t a mistake ya make twice…

Dagger Createspace CoverSo…I am in exciting times. All of the self-fu skills I earned during the making of Book One are still there…a tad rusty, but coming back slowly but surely.

I now write my novels in the format style I need to use to convert quickly to e-book or paperback version so that saves a bit of time.

Little known cover design fun-fact when working with a program called Photoscape…sit down and build your cover ALL AT ONCE! If you save and return…all your elements are locked and uneditable.

I KNEW this…I really did…but did I think it through?  No. But it was okay. I only lost 45 minutes to the process.

Because of all the stress of HUNTSMAN’s release in 2012, it has been much more fun doing BOOK 2.

Christmas presents, Ladies & Gents! They’ll be ready!

Gotta get my butt in gear…

Alright…back into the swing o’ things. I have been a lazy (insert your favorite expletive here for loads of interactive Blog fun! It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book today.) this summer!

A Move from a small apartment to a small house had my little family scrambling to get our gear out of a storage unit and into place after six years of solitary confinement. It does NOT fit…

  • (To throw it all into a dumpster turn to page 8)
  • (To painstakingly sort each box and re-discover the treasures of 24 years of marriage turn to page  17)

Has anyone every been in the situation where your house is a shambles and you have to entertain people, so you contain it all into ONE room, the Room of Shame, and then you ask everyone to please NOT go in there, but they go in anyway and then they lie to you and tell you ‘It’s not so bad!’

  • (If you choose to pull the one item from the pile that will bury them in an avalanche of rubble turn to page 12)
  • (If you thank them politely and scoot them out of the room turn to page 23)

That was pretty much our summer, except we kept moving the stuff to different rooms. We would pull it all out, swear that we would sort it and deal with it properly. We will find a space and stow it away THIS WEEK!

  • (If you haven’t seen Harry Potter’s ‘Room of Requirement’ turn to page 5)
  • (If you have a room like this in your home RIGHT NOW turn to page 30)

Yeah…we didn’t. But changing jobs to an hourly situation instead of salary helped some.

And then some illness…

I have had a crappy production summer in my writing but I struggle onward in my quest to get Book 2 of The Hunted Mage Trilogy formatted for e-book and paperback, design a cover and launch it at the interwebs.

I really like how DAGGER has turned out. I like it better than Book 1.

Here’s my plan: While I format, I will try to produce 500 words per day on Book 3 and at least once a week, I’d like to produce a blog post that introduces my Cast of Characters one at a time. I have back story for these guys so piled up in my head that it looks like my Living Room in there.

Question of the Week: How do you keep on track with your projects? I am looking for inspirational ideas.

Do you believe in Magic?

I have a new and fascinating writing prompt from The Daily Post! As a writer of fantasy it just screams for me to blog it up:

You have been transformed into a mystical being who has the ability to do magic. Describe your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?

In my Fantasy series The Hunted Mage Trilogy, the mage-in-training, Eyulf learns to harness the building blocks of magic using the power of Rune-Singing, with catastrophic results. So the prompt question above is important to me.

I worked hard at the cause and effect of Eyulf’s power. (A lot of sleepless nights during my writing process making sure it made sense.) What happens to a magic user when he plies his trade?

As with Newton’s Third law: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to that of the first body.

And the Law of the Conservation of Energy:  Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form.

Eyulf cannot simply work magic without affecting himself or the world around him. If he Sings Runes that summon Light, they must come from somewhere and leave Darkness in their place.

He draws the Element of Fire out of a foe and leaves him frozen but the cold, packed earth of the floor was left steaming and soft from the stolen heat flowing into it.

So when I answer the question above, I think of these things.

I would Teleport! Teleportation is the theoretical transfer of matter from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them.

I hate going places! I hate going places with the unharnessed fury of the Sun. I like BEING places! Don’t get me wrong. Love places! Would love to see all the most fascinating sites the world has to offer me. But the actual physical process of Getting There? Not so much.

So if I gained this magical power, how would that affect me? Would there be some sort of caloric burn that would move me from one place to another? If I wanted to blip from Home to New York City would I lose 5 pounds?

If I brought someone WITH me would I lose 10 pounds or would they lose weight as well? Do I co-market my new power with Weight-Watchers(TM) and get to quit my day job by charging someone to transport them and burn of the calories?

If I go too far away would I shrivel up and die?

So many questions sprout in my head for what should be a very simple question and answer. But I like thinking about such things and working them out in my head…and now, through the miracle of the Inter-Webs, in YOUR head as well!

Do I believe Magic exists now? No. But I want to! I see the everyday magic of doing someone a good turn and seeing suspicion turn into relief or even happiness. I see the magic in my daughter’s eyes when I do something she can’t and is amazed at what her Da can do. (That is the very best of all super powers!)

I see the Dark Magic of road rage and violence growing stronger.  Stupid tv dumbs down the imaginations of kids stealing that magic from them. It leaves us all weaker every day.

There are so many more little Magics out there, Good and Bad! It makes me dream of the Bigger, Ancient Magics we have lost…and thus, I write!

Do you believe? Poll it up below and send me comments. I want to hear some of those magical moments you’ve encountered!

A Call-Out for Feedback


So…I have access to the InterWebs once more and am trying to get myself organized, back into Writing-Mode!

I am distressed by my months away from my projects and my total lack of Marketing during this time. I really dropped the ball.

So I have some questions for my Twitter, Facebook and Blog followers:

1) Are there any marketing techniques that you have loved seeing and have made you want to read more from an online source? There are a lot of Ad-blast-ish folk out there and I don’t want to be one of those.

2) While I am editing DAGGER, I am thinking about my next steps for HUNTSMAN. I am thinking Audiobook. How many of you prefer Audio to e-book or paperback and would have an interest in such a thing? (I don’t think I can afford to hire James Earl Jones or Sean Connery to read it for me…sadness)

3) The cost of quality sound equipment  is prohibitive for me right now. I have heard of Kickstarter projects where those who donate toward a fund receive a gift of some kind when the product has finished its funding and been produced. Have any of you donated to such a thing and been satisfied with the results and the product you have gotten in return? I have thought of a Kickstarter fund for a quality microphone and mixing software in order to read my book into the digital world and giving a copy to donors. (I don’t want something for nothing! I confess this idea makes me uncomfortable from a New-England-pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps perspective…but it feels like a logical next step for HUNTSMAN. My five year anniversary plan for the book is an illustrated deluxe version!)

Just some thoughts. I have a couple of hundred people in my sphere of influence right now and if some of you could let me know what you think of these questions it would help me to formulate the best plan!

MANY thanks to all my Followers! I am grateful to you all! I have linked a response form below. Thanks for your input!

Breaking Radio Silence…

Oh…what a year! It has been far too long since I have posted anything on the blog page, Tweetered, Facebookeringed or done anything remotely connected to Huntsman or Book Two. And I feel pretty guilty about that!

Here’s the deal: I was working a bazillion hours a week for paychecks at one full-time and two part-time jobs that were not enough to keep us above water and when a particularly nice opportunity for my wife fell through we had an existential meltdown, decided to pack our entire lives into a storage unit and leave the Cape Cod area. We headed for the hills, back to the White Mountains in Hew Hampshire…OUR mountains!

I’ll admit…it is a tad out of character for me to do such a thing without a solid plan. I had a ‘Brain Cloud’. I am still a little surprised that I even made this leap of faith, but here we are!

Within 10 days I had a full-time job in my field and have found some nice temporary lodgings while we get our feet under us in our new world and, to tell the truth the summer of my discontent was one of the best seasons I have had in many years.

There have been some technical difficulties. With my desktop computer in storage back on the Cape, it was of course the best time for the laptop to die! (Anyone with some data retrieval equipment they are willing  to donate to a fledgling novelist?)

I retrieved my desktopper and hope to fix Lappy soon, so watch this space for some more frequent postings!

I am in the northern woods now and hope to explore the Wilderlands beyond, where there be Dragons! I can feel the woodlands infusing me with Hope again. Like Jaakko, I haven’t had any of that for a long time.