Well, this hasn’t gone the way I envisioned…

My plans went as I wanted but there is a glitch…

My files are still ‘in review’. I not sure what that means fully or how they review. Is it people or computer ‘reviewing’ my files?

I sorta feel like this:

I just don’t remember Huntsman taking this long to review. Continue reading Well, this hasn’t gone the way I envisioned…

Dagger for Paperback!

I am almost there! And I MEAN IT this time.

Dagger: Book Two of The Hunted Mage Trilogy is poised for publication. I have a few double-checks to perform this weekend and then…

December 7th…LAUNCHED!

At least in paperback.

The Kindle, Nook and Apple versions will follow in a few days as I perform the tweaking and changes that allow the document to upload onto those sales sites.

My goal for e-book formats is December 11th.

It is always a struggle to birth these ‘Word Babies’ into the world:

  • Lots of bleary eyed revisions,
  • Late nights around work schedules
  • Fussing at my editor about wordings she says must go but I want left IN…(I cannot do this without her!)

Through her + 10 Red Pen of Adroitness, Lea has helped me craft these words into a volume I like more than Book One! She ROCKS!

Links to sites where Dagger can be found for sale shall appear soon and…barring injury, complete mental breakdown or narcoleptic collapse…we shall get you something to hunker down with on a snowy winter’s night.

Please enjoy the teaser trailer below while the last few days pass!

A Zombie Horde, The Sin of Omission and my Stupid Worst Self!

I have to recount my day off yesterday. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

I am totally ripping that off of you Dickens…you’ve used it long enough and rarely has a saying so aptly described a day for me.

In three parts, I will describe my day and I will do so in order of least important first.

PART 1: The Potential Zombie Outbreak:

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Darn, Darney Darn! or (How I still haven’t gotten my Book 2 published!)

I have had a super crappy winter, Ladies and Gents.

DAGGER, Book 2 of The Hunted Mage Trilogy, has NOT launched yet. I am pretty depressed about my lack of progress with my last set of line-by-line revisions.

There’s a lot of words to corral in Book the Second and they have been around for a long time. (I had to split things up into smaller volumes to make publishing possible way back when I had an agent stringing me along, so much of book 2 was already written.)

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‘Annie’, a Cousin ‘Wild Rumpus’ and the Flip-flop

It was a whirlwind weekend!

First  was our visit to Wareham to visit with niece & nephews. Oldest played several different roles in the musical ‘Annie’ put on by ‘A Work in Progress’ Productions.

This was a gang of home-school kids trying to put on a full-scale musical show and…

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An Employment Fable…

Once upon a time, in years long past, there lived a lowly kitchen boy.

The boy had been raised rightly by his father and mother and he worked hard and well at the tasks given him wherever he toiled.

Each place he worked, he excelled at the chores he was assigned, however menial they may be, and in each workplace he came to the attention of his overseer and promoted.

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Yowza! Sales galore…

FinnFunn was, by far, the most successful book-selling adventure I have undertaken!

My first whirlwind sale was to Katrina & Steve at the table next door.  They roast coffee…for Finns…there really should have been caution signs around their booth. Coffee roasted specially for Finns is a dangerously strong product.

In all, largely in part to my Lovely Bride, who seemed to grow is size and enthusiasm as she absorbed Sisu from the air around her, (think of Gandalf seeming to expand when Bilbo lied to him at the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring…only she’s way hotter than Sir Ian McKellan and less scary…sometimes…) we sold 14 copies of HUNTSMAN!

FOURTEEN?! Pardon my ‘all caps’ gaffe there but I am still completely stunned.

People asked if I would sign their copies and I said: “Absolutely! When I am bigger than Stephen King you’ll make a killing on E-bay with this!” (Wait…I live too close to him. Sorry Mr. King!)

Oh, and this promo code is still good: PZFYFKZY for $2.00  off the Createspace eStore paperback.

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