February Stats:

I had a way better February than January in my little word count spreadsheet at least.

January: 4500 words (but much of my time was spent polishing Book 1 and sending it to an agent so it was still a ‘win’ right?

February: 11,600 words for Book 2.

I have approximately 24,500 words left to go in Book 2 and I want to have that done and polished by May 1st.

That means 24,500 words in 61 days. About 405 words per day. I can do that, right?

Spring is rapidly approaching and that means hotels opening and potential work available to end my unemployment. Huzzah! But my goals stand.

I will finish my second book by May no matter what.


How often does a title…

make it through the agent / publisher gauntlet to appear on the cover of a book?

I have written a book and come up with the name of the trilogy I have planned for it but not the title of book 1

Everything I have thought up just feels ‘meh’ to me. So does the publishing process come up with a better or do they stick with mine? If mine is absolute tosh…will they insist on alternate?

‘I’m new around here so I’m kinda curious…”~ Matthew Quigley

On another note…I am at the 76% finished point of Book 2. My biggest concern right now in the writing: I have no name for the system of magic my Mage antagonist uses. If anyone wants to read my sample chapter and throw me some ideas I would love to hear them!

Evolution of “Reading”

My daughter loves reading! And oh…do we love that.

My wife and I have had conversations about how sad we would be if we could not pass on the love of books and reading to our little girl!

Our reading has taken a step in recent weeks since we introduced the film “Mary Poppins” to our four year old (her first full length movie ever!) she has been fascinated by Jane and Michael Banks and their Nanny.

We sing the songs, we play act the scenes and, since I told her it was a series of books by P.L. Travers, have taken one out from the library.

It is not what we have grown accustomed to. It has some illustrations from time to time, but is certainly no Sandra Boynton or Rosemary Wells story with wonderful picture to almost tell the story without words.

It is straight reading aloud to a pre-schooler. At first she didn’t like it but as we passed the second chapter she seemed to finally ‘get it’. I was speaking the story and SHE could make up the pictures in her head.

Today I sat on the bed for ‘quiet-time’ (our I-refuse-to-take-naps-anymore substitute time) and she put her head on my shoulder as I read and just looked at the page while I read. It was a sweet and snuggley moment wherein I realized: My little girl is growing up!

I quizzed her a little afterward to see if she was following the story or if it was too tough and she answered all my questions easily: the little dog Andrew ran away, he didn’t like wearing the little coats and shoes Miss Lark Next Door dressed him in, Mary Poppins could understand his yipping and yapping etc.

She has taken a step forward almost without our realizing it and was content to hear me read even if there were no bright colors or cartooney characters to inspire us.

So whatever happens in this giant world, wherever our little girl may roam she will always have this: Words are Magic and they can take her ANYWHERE!

I am a happy Dad.

Oh…So easy to fall behind…

and then kick myself for not making pretty words.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”~ Ferris Bueller.

Aside from the new Superbowl ad rehashing the whole movie in 30 seconds…I am glad to be reminded of this quote. Here’s another:

“You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.”~Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness

These are my mottoes for 2012!

You have been warned!


I check my e-mail 5 times a day even though I know it takes time for a literary agent to peruse an entire novel in a Word document.

So I keep working on Book the Second in my fantasy trilogy.

I have spent so many Novembers writing chunks in a frenzy. It feels good to work on book 2 in a planned and linear fashion and I am making good progress.

My goal is 500 words a day and I am close to keeping up!

Oh…and I love my new widget for my word count goals (right-hand side). I am no programmer, but Stacking Pennies wrote a program that was so easy to modify even for me…so watch this space for my Book 2 progress!

Super busy weekend!

I hate it when I fall behind on my writing assignments. It’s just 500 words a day. But when my girlie’s 4th Birthday party rocks the house at a local bowling alley and then Superbowl Sunday hits that means I have to spend 4 days playing catch up!

So…852 words per day for the next 4 days. And they can’t just be words…I like em best when they are good words. Solid, no-plot-hole pages is the only way to go.

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