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Super busy weekend!

I hate it when I fall behind on my writing assignments. It’s just 500 words a day. But when my girlie’s 4th Birthday party rocks the house at a local bowling alley and then Superbowl Sunday hits that means I have to spend 4 days playing catch up!

So…852 words per day for the next 4 days. And they can’t just be words…I like em best when they are good words. Solid, no-plot-hole pages is the only way to go.


My first Novel is off!

Like a fairy tale hero, it has left home to make its way in the world.

It is scary and exciting to have four years of my life off to an agent for perusal.

I am trying to keep myself from checking my e-mail every 14 seconds to see results.

Yet another Goals-for-the-New-Year Blog!

Welcome to my shiny brand-new blog!

May I have a resounding “NOOB!” from the audience?……Thank you!

I am a writer with a close-to-being-finished first installment of a Fantasy Trilogy called The Hunted Mage!

I have an agent interested in passing my work on to another agent who is looking for an author so I have some high hopes for the New Year.

Since I am currently unemployed I have been making great strides toward my final edit and hope to send Book 1 out by the end of January. (I would have sent it out before but my beta-reader Lea (my lovely bride) found a huge swath of pure drivel that I needed to re-write. (Wrote the drivel in a National Novel Writing Month and boy did it need tidying up!)

So, I must learn to market my work. Not so easy since I have never had any work to market before, but thanks to fellow author Karina Fabian I have some hints.

So here we go. I am looking for a widget that I can add to this site that will show my writing progress in a side bar.

Stay Tuned!