Combo Post!

Greetings to all!

I want to give a shout-out to youngest sister and her hubby on their new endeavor: homesteading!

Anyone who has experience with homestead farming, off-the-grid lifestyle or the raising and care of farm animals, please stop by the newly established facebook group The Shadowlands Farm and drop a word of encouragement to baby sis and her fam!

They are starting a new project with ducks and mini goats in addition to the success they have had with chickens.

I think it’s smart to start with the smaller breeds. They are a bit more manageable and far less likely to turn into Killer Zombie Goats in the event of an outbreak!

But as everyone knows, animals over a certain size…anything can happen!

My zombie-outbreak fixation aside, best wishes to Debs & clan in their new plans! (No…you don’t get any more info than that. They are MY family. In the event of apocalypse I can’t have EVERYBODY showing up at their self-sustainable door. Don’t be selfish!)

In other news…I am struggling along with Book the Third in my Hunted Mage Trilogy. QUEEN just won’t write itself…*sigh*.

I am about halfway there but have fallen upon a super frustrating time of busy-ness and under-staffitude at work. However, I am training staff as we speak. Some re-building of habitual writing time may soon be possible.

For anyone not yet involved in my quest, I am offering HUNTSMAN and DAGGER at special prices online for a couple of weeks. $3.99 each for a while. (Tell your friends! It’ll be something to while away the hours in your solar-charged, self-sustaining bunker as you wait for the Zombie cows to move on!)

For anyone who has read HUNTSMAN or DAGGER already, please leave a user-review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It goes a long way toward boosting the ranks and moving my literary offerings up toward the Light-of-Day!

My thanks!



2 thoughts on “Combo Post!”

  1. Thanks, bud! ♡ it’s certainly an adventure, and I’m pretty sure goats are somewhat zombie repellent…but hopefully we won’t find out for sure anytime soon!
    Can’t wait for book 3!

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