Some Spring time Sale…

Huntsman is available on Kindle from Amazon for  $2.99 today.It is also onsale in the UK Amazon  for £1.99. (I thought myself a tad clever for actually finding the symbol for the British pound up there. Never found that before!)

My sister texted me and told me that my 14-year-old niece just finished Huntsman and cried out for their copy of Dagger which, sadly, deployed with my brother-in-law into parts unmentionable due to Operational Security restrictions.

Yes…my second book may be on a secret mission with an Army Medic. He may need to tear out pages to staunch a wound. I hope they are somewhat absorbent.

He was supposed to send me a picture of Book One in some obviously exotic locale without jeopardizing his own security, but he never did. Here’s hoping Book 2 stands a better chance!

My summary:  Huntsman is a great read for young and older alike and Dagger is even better, in my opinion. (Ages 14 and up, please, due to some Viking warfare situations).

Refer your fantasy loving friends and help me sell copies this week. Many thanks!

U.S. Huntsman for Kindle

UK Huntsman for Kindle



One thought on “Some Spring time Sale…”

  1. We do have said pictures SOMEWHERE… A lot of his technology “melted” that tour…. I’ll see if I can dig them up.

    Will keep you posted how absorbent Dagger is…

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