Well, this hasn’t gone the way I envisioned…

My plans went as I wanted but there is a glitch…

My files are still ‘in review’. I not sure what that means fully or how they review. Is it people or computer ‘reviewing’ my files?

I sorta feel like this:

I just don’t remember Huntsman taking this long to review.

Perhaps it’s just the size of Book 2. It IS a bigger story, some more characters introduced, additional conflict.

So, it was, in fact, launched today! I promise! If everyone collectively cheers for my book ‘switch flippers’ it may show up quicker!

On another note, here is the info for my Amazon Kindle Promotion:

To celebrate the upcoming release of DAGGER~Book Two of the Hunted Mage Trilogy~, I hereby give you all permission to have HUNTSMAN (Book One) for zero dollars and zero cents for the next two days.

For anyone who read it before and has misplaced their copy, or when I autographed your download with a Sharpie(TM) and you couldn’t see your screen anymore…or if you are new to HUNTSMAN and keep seeing all this hullaballoo about the sequel…here’s where it all started and you can catch up! (Share this with all your Fantasy Geek friends…)

HUNTSMAN for Kindle

Free of charge for December 8th and 9th!

Thank you all for your support and patience! To quote the inestimable Maxwell Smart…”I missed it by…THAT much!”



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