Dagger for Paperback!

I am almost there! And I MEAN IT this time.

Dagger: Book Two of The Hunted Mage Trilogy is poised for publication. I have a few double-checks to perform this weekend and then…

December 7th…LAUNCHED!

At least in paperback.

The Kindle, Nook and Apple versions will follow in a few days as I perform the tweaking and changes that allow the document to upload onto those sales sites.

My goal for e-book formats is December 11th.

It is always a struggle to birth these ‘Word Babies’ into the world:

  • Lots of bleary eyed revisions,
  • Late nights around work schedules
  • Fussing at my editor about wordings she says must go but I want left IN…(I cannot do this without her!)

Through her + 10 Red Pen of Adroitness, Lea has helped me craft these words into a volume I like more than Book One! She ROCKS!

Links to sites where Dagger can be found for sale shall appear soon and…barring injury, complete mental breakdown or narcoleptic collapse…we shall get you something to hunker down with on a snowy winter’s night.

Please enjoy the teaser trailer below while the last few days pass!


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