Darn, Darney Darn! or (How I still haven’t gotten my Book 2 published!)

I have had a super crappy winter, Ladies and Gents.

DAGGER, Book 2 of The Hunted Mage Trilogy, has NOT launched yet. I am pretty depressed about my lack of progress with my last set of line-by-line revisions.

There’s a lot of words to corral in Book the Second and they have been around for a long time. (I had to split things up into smaller volumes to make publishing possible way back when I had an agent stringing me along, so much of book 2 was already written.)

So when I do my proofing, word by word, line by line, my brain starts skimming instead of proofing and that’s NOT what I’m looking for when I go for my last run through before the launching.

So I catch myself, skimming along like a verbose water bug, and have to stop, berate myself sternly and start again…lather, rinse, repeat! Because of course, I do the same thing all over again.

I have read through these same piles of words so many times for so many years that my mind doesn’t stay on them anymore. I like Book 2 and am sad that it has not seen the light of day yet…but I do get a little bit more finished each day.

On a more productive note I found a product that has paid for itself (in my head at least…I don’t have any mathy type hard figures on this because I don’t actually make much money from writing…)

ForceDraft is a program that, when activated, will provide you with a distraction free word-processing environment. You can choose your own parameters by time or word count. (This is a really polite way of saying that the program will not allow you to use any other program or app until you have written your words or spent the desired number of minutes trying to write your words. You are LOCKED DOWN!!)

I have had so little word production in the last year that I disgust myself. So, when I saw that a Paypal account I use for my writing proceeds still had a few dollars in it, I took the plunge and purchased ForceDraft and ColdTurkey both for $14. (Cold Turkey is ForceDraft Light. It lets you customize what you are locked out of instead of going the full shutdown.)

I have written thousands more words in the last 20 days on QUEEN: Book Three of the Hunted Mage Trilogy that I wrote in all of 2014. That’s how bad my habits have been in the last year.

I commit to ForceDraft each day and then my device is prevented from doing anything else until I have reached my daily goal.

It has been a Godsend. My enthusiasm for writing has come back! If you are a writer with commitment issues do not hesitate to buy this program and just jump in.

Part of my writing malfunction is financial stress. Gotta pay the bills and the regular job is what does THAT bit! A sad fact of life is that LIFE gets in the way of art unless you’ve gotten lucky enough that your art pays for your life. Sadly, I am not there yet.

I’d love to win the lottery and retire to just having fun and writing and bashing around with my Fam but that hasn’t happened yet.  I WANT to be a writer for a living, maybe pay the bills that way.

Another part of my writing travails this winter: Constant joint pain. Arthritis? Gout? Gluten Sensitivity? Who knows? But I could sense the impending weather each and every time a storm approached.


I am currently engaging in Gluten Free May for myself. Day 11 and I am juuuuuust starting to regain some mobility in some of my Supposed-To-Be-Movement-In-That-Area parts that have been uncooperative to me.

By far the BEST part of linking my Writing Facebook Page to my personal page has been the picture of ME on the right, smiling at me when I log in with a note beneath telling me how long it’s been since I posted a Blog.

Nothing makes you feel more like a failure than YOURSELF! So, today I blog to you with my confessions and ask you all for patience…(and for you to re-post this all over Hollywood so someone will give me a heaping sackful of cash for the movie rights to HUNTSMAN! That’d be sweet…)

So to sum up:

Pain: Abating! Writing: Increasing! Book Two: Progressing! Bill Paying: Well…3 out of 4 ain’t bad!

To any writers out there who can sympathize: I would love to hear from you! Just to know that I am not alone in these things and hear how you push yourselves onward when everything screams at you to give up.


One thought on “Darn, Darney Darn! or (How I still haven’t gotten my Book 2 published!)”

  1. Getting started on my writing is always the difficult part for me, too, Michael. It’s largely a matter of self-discipline, but I find that the words flow more freely when I start by writing story ideas long-hand in my journal. I then find it easier to return next day (I hope) to flesh out those ideas on the computer.
    Hang in there!

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