‘Annie’, a Cousin ‘Wild Rumpus’ and the Flip-flop

It was a whirlwind weekend!

First  was our visit to Wareham to visit with niece & nephews. Oldest played several different roles in the musical ‘Annie’ put on by ‘A Work in Progress’ Productions.

This was a gang of home-school kids trying to put on a full-scale musical show and…


‘A Work In Progress’ consists of a group of instructors from diverse backgrounds taking home-schoolers on stage and training them to perform.  And they rocked! Annie

My 6 year old daughter sat with her uncle and barely moved while the story unfolded on stage. It was her first play and it was larger than life.  (She got to meet ‘Annie’ after when her cousin introduced them and it was funny because Older Cousin in a play was one thing…but the REAL ANNIE was quite another! Very happy girl, she was…)

Bashing around with the boy cousins the next day is always a  ruckus. I’m exhausted just thinking about the level of activity they get into.

Home again, and we continue to move the upper part of our home into the lower part of our home. Everything that was UP is now DOWN…in theory.

There is a breathing issue in our upstairs for my girls and the shuffle is supposed to help them. (Was a smoker in our place before we moved in and all efforts to remove all smoky residue have only partly worked…I think…)

(I say ‘think’ because she says there is an odor, but I cannot smell anything. She MAY have been struck by a canister of toxic waste and fell into a storm drain as a child and developed super olfactory powers far beyond those of mortal authors…)

I am looking forward to having the world put back together so I can have a space to call my own…




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