An Employment Fable…

Once upon a time, in years long past, there lived a lowly kitchen boy.

The boy had been raised rightly by his father and mother and he worked hard and well at the tasks given him wherever he toiled.

Each place he worked, he excelled at the chores he was assigned, however menial they may be, and in each workplace he came to the attention of his overseer and promoted.

With each new position he moved onward and upward through the land. He finally took a position as an under-steward to a foul-tempered King.

He weathered the moody storms of the Ruler’s ways until he died and a new king was appointed.

When the Head Steward left the palace in disgrace the young man found himself Assistant to the new Steward.

Now the new King was inattentive and trusted the new Head Steward far too much. When the  castles funds ran dangerously low the King’s advisers plotted together and had the Steward banished.

Now the advisers were terribly wicked and wanted the Stewardship for themselves, but one had a long journey to make and could not do the work herself so they devised a plan and convinced the King to offer the position to the long ago kitchen boy.

He will work hard and well, they thought, and when we have used him up we will take his title away and banish him.

And that is what they did. With sly whispers and bold lies they took their time and did as they pleased until they judged the time was right.

The man was banished from the realm, and for a time he was bitter for he knew that he was a fine worker and had done well for the king and his household.

The years passed. Kings came and went from the land and all but the Head adviser departed from the palace.  There came a time when he could not stay away from the mountain realm any longer.

There was a new king in the palace and after a time…he came to learn of the long ago Steward and how hard he had worked for the king.

The new king was clever and did not like what he saw in his adviser’s behavior.  He knew that she was false and treacherous.  The king sent secret messages to the long ago kitchen boy and one time Steward of Kings and offered him his old place in the palace.

The years had been both kind and cruel to the former Steward. Deep in his heart, in a place he strove to ignore, he burned with anger at the injustice that had come to him, but as the years went by he had come to have peace once more.

But now the king’s message fanned his anger into a tiny flame and he was forced to look at the bottom-most place in his soul and he wondered at how to have vengeance and not lose his soul to darkness…

Not quite The End…

(This is a true tale of weasels in my workplace. And now a new owner of a certain hotel has offered me my old job back… so…this is me:


and I truly don’t know what I am to do!)

What would you all do? I’d love to hear some feedback from my readers! Have any of you ever been in my shoes?


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