‘Annie’, a Cousin ‘Wild Rumpus’ and the Flip-flop

It was a whirlwind weekend!

First  was our visit to Wareham to visit with niece & nephews. Oldest played several different roles in the musical ‘Annie’ put on by ‘A Work in Progress’ Productions.

This was a gang of home-school kids trying to put on a full-scale musical show and…

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An Employment Fable…

Once upon a time, in years long past, there lived a lowly kitchen boy.

The boy had been raised rightly by his father and mother and he worked hard and well at the tasks given him wherever he toiled.

Each place he worked, he excelled at the chores he was assigned, however menial they may be, and in each workplace he came to the attention of his overseer and promoted.

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Yowza! Sales galore…

FinnFunn was, by far, the most successful book-selling adventure I have undertaken!

My first whirlwind sale was to Katrina & Steve at the table next door.  They roast coffee…for Finns…there really should have been caution signs around their booth. Coffee roasted specially for Finns is a dangerously strong product.

In all, largely in part to my Lovely Bride, who seemed to grow is size and enthusiasm as she absorbed Sisu from the air around her, (think of Gandalf seeming to expand when Bilbo lied to him at the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring…only she’s way hotter than Sir Ian McKellan and less scary…sometimes…) we sold 14 copies of HUNTSMAN!

FOURTEEN?! Pardon my ‘all caps’ gaffe there but I am still completely stunned.

People asked if I would sign their copies and I said: “Absolutely! When I am bigger than Stephen King you’ll make a killing on E-bay with this!” (Wait…I live too close to him. Sorry Mr. King!)

Oh, and this promo code is still good: PZFYFKZY for $2.00  off the Createspace eStore paperback.

Selling Books @ FinnFunn Weekend in Troy, NH

So, here’s a whirlwind book tour for me. My wife found out about FinnFunn Weekend sponsored by Finlandia Foundation National.

They are hosting a Finnish Marketplace (Tori) on Saturday morning. Handcrafted hats and scarfs, baked goods, displays of Finnish heritage etc. I will sell copies of HUNTSMAN there.

Here is the website: Finnish Tori and a page of vendors for the event. (My info is towards the bottom since I am a late addition scrambling to get it going.)

We discovered the event from my sister-in-law Elisa Lomme who will be selling paintings and baked goods at her table across the way! (She’s gots da painting skills, but no website yet. So you’ll have to attend the Tori and start a bidding war!)

Initial contact with the event coordinators found that things were full at the site, but since two of the planners enjoy books…I got a follow-up email saying that they tweaked the floor plan a bit to make some room for me!

Here are directions to the Troy Elementary School where the Tori will take place from 9am to 2:30pm.

My wife is teaching me how to say “Christmas is coming. Are you ready?  Buy my book!” in Finnish!

Come on by!

Here is my interview with Michael R. Wilson

Here’s a quick blog interview!



Name: Michael R. Wilson

Age: 45

Where are you from: Mount Washington Valley, New Hampshire, USA

A little about yourself ie your education Family life etc:

I have been a writer since my early years and completed HUNTSMAN, Book One of my Hunted Mage Trilogy while living on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

I have now returned to my beloved White Mountains and continue the story with the soon to be released Book Two: DAGGER.

I live in the Conway Area with my Lovely Bride and Daughter who assist me in my Quest for Powerful Words, and a parakeet named Yoshi…who does not.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

DAGGER: Book Two of The Hunted Mage Trilogy will be out by the beginning of December. I am in a frenzy of edit and design right now.

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

I honestly cannot recall. I remember scribbling stories…

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Perilously close now! DAGGER is on the horizon!

I have designed the paperback cover for Book Two of the Hunted Mage Trilogy! There is a proof in the mail so that I can make sure every little bit is just right.

There was one miserable point in HUNTSMAN history where I failed to inspect such things properly and got 20 books in the mail  that were too pixelated to sell. Tisn’t a mistake ya make twice…

Dagger Createspace CoverSo…I am in exciting times. All of the self-fu skills I earned during the making of Book One are still there…a tad rusty, but coming back slowly but surely.

I now write my novels in the format style I need to use to convert quickly to e-book or paperback version so that saves a bit of time.

Little known cover design fun-fact when working with a program called Photoscape…sit down and build your cover ALL AT ONCE! If you save and return…all your elements are locked and uneditable.

I KNEW this…I really did…but did I think it through?  No. But it was okay. I only lost 45 minutes to the process.

Because of all the stress of HUNTSMAN’s release in 2012, it has been much more fun doing BOOK 2.

Christmas presents, Ladies & Gents! They’ll be ready!