Gotta get my butt in gear…

Alright…back into the swing o’ things. I have been a lazy (insert your favorite expletive here for loads of interactive Blog fun! It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book today.) this summer!

A Move from a small apartment to a small house had my little family scrambling to get our gear out of a storage unit and into place after six years of solitary confinement. It does NOT fit…

  • (To throw it all into a dumpster turn to page 8)
  • (To painstakingly sort each box and re-discover the treasures of 24 years of marriage turn to page  17)

Has anyone every been in the situation where your house is a shambles and you have to entertain people, so you contain it all into ONE room, the Room of Shame, and then you ask everyone to please NOT go in there, but they go in anyway and then they lie to you and tell you ‘It’s not so bad!’

  • (If you choose to pull the one item from the pile that will bury them in an avalanche of rubble turn to page 12)
  • (If you thank them politely and scoot them out of the room turn to page 23)

That was pretty much our summer, except we kept moving the stuff to different rooms. We would pull it all out, swear that we would sort it and deal with it properly. We will find a space and stow it away THIS WEEK!

  • (If you haven’t seen Harry Potter’s ‘Room of Requirement’ turn to page 5)
  • (If you have a room like this in your home RIGHT NOW turn to page 30)

Yeah…we didn’t. But changing jobs to an hourly situation instead of salary helped some.

And then some illness…

I have had a crappy production summer in my writing but I struggle onward in my quest to get Book 2 of The Hunted Mage Trilogy formatted for e-book and paperback, design a cover and launch it at the interwebs.

I really like how DAGGER has turned out. I like it better than Book 1.

Here’s my plan: While I format, I will try to produce 500 words per day on Book 3 and at least once a week, I’d like to produce a blog post that introduces my Cast of Characters one at a time. I have back story for these guys so piled up in my head that it looks like my Living Room in there.

Question of the Week: How do you keep on track with your projects? I am looking for inspirational ideas.


Not a sale to be had…

While the goal at Saturday’s Local Author’s Book Fair was to sell books…I don’t think too many of us did. But that’s  okay!

Conversations I had with fellow authors were fantastic: One lives in the extremely rural Maine town I lived next to for many years (unless you’ve lived there you’ve probably never heard of it). One is newly self-published and too shy to talk up her new ‘baby’.

Another sent me to a site of New Hampshire based anthologies in different genres that I plan to look into…

One author manned her table and set-up half for one of our number who currently fights a serious illness and could not attend so she would still have opportunity to sell some copies.

Several expressed an interest in banding together to try again…

It is a lonely profession, writing…but we share many common struggles and each time we join forces it makes us mighty.

Keep watching…Northern New Hampshire Authors are going to be a Thing!

I am participating in the 2nd Annual Loc

I am participating in the 2nd Annual Local Author’s Book Fair at the Conway Public Library Sat Sept 20th from 11 AM to 2 PM. About 13 local Authors participating this year. Supplies of Huntsman are limited so come early for a painstakingly hand-scribed message and free foot rub with every purchase. (I personally will NOT touch your feet. I am volunteering my lovely bride Lea Wilson for that. Plenty of time to talk her into that by morning…)
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