In someone else’s shoes…

Weekly Writing Challenge: Leave Your Shoes at the Door

It is cold…so cold, but I refuse to think on it for long. It won’t change anything. It wastes my time.

I need that time to watch and wait for just the right group to enter the building. It’s not easy. Too small a group and I will attract their notice. And their scorn.

I hate people’s eyes on me. The haughty looks; the disgust when they realize that I am not like them; the pity when they see how far beneath them I have fallen.

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Breakfast with Smidgen

In response to a Daily Prompt, I shall relay my first encounter of the day earlier this week:

For all I want for her to get enough rest, I cannot help but enjoy it when Little Smidgen wakes up early enough for me to see her before I leave for work.

She appeared, sleep-tousled hair, footy-pajamas and all, at the kitchen table as I approached the cabinets for cereal.

There was the Stuffy-du-jour under her arm (it was the beginning of a four-day fixation with ‘Darling’, the stocking stuffer puppy she got at Christmas.) (I got a phone call from the stuffy the next day, wherein I was unable to decipher the whines and yaps. Our dolls and stuffed friends are VERY real…) Continue reading Breakfast with Smidgen

B.O.G.O. Part 2~ The Frozen North

You have been hanging from the Cliff for more days than I had intended. (It has been a busy week!)

The idea of moving North was awesome. The actual moving North was gut-wrenching and stress-inducing. It also doesn’t help that I felt like I had gone a little bit crazy. (It certainly wasn’t ‘right in the head’ to pack it up without job or home to end up in…)

We camped and I loved it. We spent time together, which we hadn’t done in months with my crazy double schedules. We swam in the river, walked in the woods and watched my daughter ride her bike all over the campground. (Something she hadn’t been able to do where we used to live.)

There were some rainstorms, and a lot of doubt, and a little bit of panic, but then came a job.

It was in the hotel industry, my field, and had potential. Then came a temporary housing situation, which got us in out of the cold when the fall came.

Then came a promotion.

We are not having great abundance right now, but neither are we homeless and starving. So we try to play Pollyanna’s ‘Glad Game’ as much as we can.

If I could fast-forward (today’s WordPress Writing Prompt, by the way so you all have another Two-fer!) to a time when all things were good and settled and we have fewer worries and more dollars just so I could know we made it, I would!

It would not change the Now, but there would be hope. And we need a little bit o’ that in our lives.

For now, we hold onto this:

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

B.O.G.O. Blog Post!!

In an effort to build good blogging habits, I have subscribed to WordPress’s Daily and Weekly e-mails that present me with writing prompts. (Most of these, I have ignored. You can thank me later! I won’t blog unless it draws me in…like the prompt on Magical Powers, or Collecting Details which asked bloggers to use their keen powers of observation and collect 3 separate bits of sensory data and work them into one post. That was fun!)

Today, I am taking one of the previously ignored The Daily Post Daily Prompt:

When was the last time you did something completely new and out of your element? How was it? Will you do it again?

and combining it with a Weekly Challenge.

I don’t know about you. You may live for adventure. But I like my element. It is cozy and I miss my it when I am out of it. It makes me cranky when I am force to exit my element and sojourn out of it and into the Wilderlands beyond.

The beginning of 2013 found me scrabbling along working several part-time jobs that simply were not helping us rise above the financial floodwaters unemployment had raised during 2012.

I could fill post after post about my interactions with customers and fellow employees at my various jobs. I usually save them to amuse my family with unbelievable things that John Q. Public gets up to when left to his own devices. (It really is entertaining. I do impressions too!)

It was a frustrating time of many long hours, bringing in not enough dollars to get through the week. I saw less and less of my wife and daughter. I sold cigarettes and alcohol to people who CLEARLY did not need  any further help in the downward spiral of destruction they were in.

I felt as if my soul was shriveling up and blowing away, one nip, one butt, one scratch ticket sale at a time.

But it was work and we needed the funds!

While waiting for news on a schooling opportunity for my wife, we talked about what would happen if it couldn’t happen.  When it fell through, we started packing. We gave our notice to the landlord. I gave my two-weeks notice to my bosses.

I had never made a move like this before. I was so far out of my element that it stunned me with the insanity of our plan.

We worked like mules for two straight weeks, around my other work schedules, to get our life on Cape Cod packed up and stowed in a storage unit.

Neighbors who hadn’t spoken to us in the two years we live there, came by to hobnob about how sorry they were to see us leave. (Translation: We are afraid of who will move in now that you are leaving. Are you sure you want to do this?)

At the end of June, we were ready to roll.

This leads me to The Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge portion of my posting today. The Cliffhanger!

To Be continued…

Do you believe in Magic?

I have a new and fascinating writing prompt from The Daily Post! As a writer of fantasy it just screams for me to blog it up:

You have been transformed into a mystical being who has the ability to do magic. Describe your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?

In my Fantasy series The Hunted Mage Trilogy, the mage-in-training, Eyulf learns to harness the building blocks of magic using the power of Rune-Singing, with catastrophic results. So the prompt question above is important to me.

I worked hard at the cause and effect of Eyulf’s power. (A lot of sleepless nights during my writing process making sure it made sense.) What happens to a magic user when he plies his trade?

As with Newton’s Third law: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to that of the first body.

And the Law of the Conservation of Energy:  Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form.

Eyulf cannot simply work magic without affecting himself or the world around him. If he Sings Runes that summon Light, they must come from somewhere and leave Darkness in their place.

He draws the Element of Fire out of a foe and leaves him frozen but the cold, packed earth of the floor was left steaming and soft from the stolen heat flowing into it.

So when I answer the question above, I think of these things.

I would Teleport! Teleportation is the theoretical transfer of matter from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them.

I hate going places! I hate going places with the unharnessed fury of the Sun. I like BEING places! Don’t get me wrong. Love places! Would love to see all the most fascinating sites the world has to offer me. But the actual physical process of Getting There? Not so much.

So if I gained this magical power, how would that affect me? Would there be some sort of caloric burn that would move me from one place to another? If I wanted to blip from Home to New York City would I lose 5 pounds?

If I brought someone WITH me would I lose 10 pounds or would they lose weight as well? Do I co-market my new power with Weight-Watchers(TM) and get to quit my day job by charging someone to transport them and burn of the calories?

If I go too far away would I shrivel up and die?

So many questions sprout in my head for what should be a very simple question and answer. But I like thinking about such things and working them out in my head…and now, through the miracle of the Inter-Webs, in YOUR head as well!

Do I believe Magic exists now? No. But I want to! I see the everyday magic of doing someone a good turn and seeing suspicion turn into relief or even happiness. I see the magic in my daughter’s eyes when I do something she can’t and is amazed at what her Da can do. (That is the very best of all super powers!)

I see the Dark Magic of road rage and violence growing stronger.  Stupid tv dumbs down the imaginations of kids stealing that magic from them. It leaves us all weaker every day.

There are so many more little Magics out there, Good and Bad! It makes me dream of the Bigger, Ancient Magics we have lost…and thus, I write!

Do you believe? Poll it up below and send me comments. I want to hear some of those magical moments you’ve encountered!

30 days of Blogging Tasks

So…I had an e-mail from WordPress concerning my “2013 In Review” Statistics. And this is a nice feature and all, but I am a Words guy. Not so much a Numbers guy.

And now I am depressed.

They told me that I have published a paltry 7 new posts this year. Apparently, I am not a Words guy either these days. I have had a rough year job-wise and internet access-wise so I have to cut myself some slack, right.

Wrong! If I have to suffer with the guilt of not posting steadily, then you should all suffer with me! We are all in this World Inter-Webs Net together.

I signed up for the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a better Blog Challenge. One task a day that builds upon all the tasks before it to boost Blogging success.

I know…I know! Another New Year’s Resolution Blogger…but THIS year, I MEAN it!

No. That’s a lie. I may very well neglect my Blog again this year.

But ya gotta try! So if you are the type of reader who has very little patience for this sort of thing…I apologize in advance for the 30 days I am about to inflict on you. I try my best to entertain as well as inform. Stick with me. We’ll have fun with it.

For those of you who love this kind of thing…send me feedback. I love a comment e-mail.

Today’s Assignment: Who Am I and What Am I Doing Here?

I am Michael R. Wilson and I have self-published a Fantasy novel called Huntsman. This is the first book of a Trilogy called The Hunted Mage.

My goal for the month is to build some good blogging habits and getting better about my marketing techniques. (I am a writer, not a salesman…but I learn!)

I have learned a lot about Search engine optimization and tags…but I will usually ignore all that to tell a better story in any given post. (I shouldn’t. But I do.)

Stick with me for the next 30 days and I promise: I’ll try hard not to bore you silly! You can’t ask for better than that!