Swimming Pools and Snow-Trolls

It was an exciting day, overall.

My wife had to work a shift we knew about far enough in advance that I could request off and spend the day with my little girl. It was a girly-girl event in the morning. I found myself wearing a scarf, bedecked with glittery brooches and a reindeer headband while marching in a parade for a half dozen stuffed animals. Ya know…same old, same old…(any dad worth his weight will know what I mean.)

After lunch we went outside to the mound of snow left behind by the plow trucks. We spent  some time at the top digging a pit to hide in and excavating snow slabs to build it up higher. She was the queen, of course, and while I insisted that I be given a REAL name, she kept calling me ‘Servant’.

The invaders waited until we were finished before they attacked, which as anyone knows, is VERY polite for Snow-Trolls.

I stood on the ground with my sword (a purple pool noodle) and waited for my queen to strike the Snow-Trolls with chunks of snow. When she scored a hit, I would finish them off with the sword.

I could see cars from the nearby parking lot slowing down to see what in the world I was doing, flailing about like a fool. I got some strange looks, but some folks got it. (I was also keeping warm from the exertion, thank you very much!)

The fire in her eyes matched the pink of her cheeks. Our breath puffed out into clouds of warm vapor around our heads as we fought wave after wave of Troll away from our Snow Castle. We went to the pool after the Snow-Trolls were sufficiently beaten!

We have tried to teach Kiddo to swim, but she is past the age of reasonable doubt. She has figured out how to be frightened of such things, which is something I never wanted her to learn. I tried to make a game of it and (if my ‘crazy-daddy’ skills can be applied in a snowdrift, they can surely activate in the pool) we spent some time as mermaids in a ballet. It worked to get her off the wall and for a few moments she forgot that she had decided to be scared.

As we splashed and twirled, dunked and kicked, much water was displaced from the actual pool. I am without remorse!

After supper, I scooped up one of the Dove candies from the table and started to unwrap it. You know, the kind with the cute saying inside the foil. (It’s like a chocolate fortune cookie.)

“DAD! Can I have it?” she asked. I looked down at the candy. It was white chocolate. No one in our house likes white chocolate but me…which is why it was still on hand.

“You don’t like white chocolate.”

“I mean the wrapper!”

I handed it to her and listened as she read the words: “Be fearless!”

The chocolate’s sweetness melted slowly in my mouth as I watched her face change. We encouraged her that the words were specially for her.

She read the words again and her mouth made a little grimace. It was a look I had come to recognize from her when she was not happy with herself. Again…something I hoped she would never have to learn…but we live in an imperfect world.

She was thinking about the pool and how much she disliked learning to swim.

It seems impossible to her, but I know that swimming is just another Snow-Troll. She will beat it in the end!

This article is in response to a writing prompt at The Daily Post The Daily Post Weekly Challenge


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