A Call-Out for Feedback


So…I have access to the InterWebs once more and am trying to get myself organized, back into Writing-Mode!

I am distressed by my months away from my projects and my total lack of Marketing during this time. I really dropped the ball.

So I have some questions for my Twitter, Facebook and Blog followers:

1) Are there any marketing techniques that you have loved seeing and have made you want to read more from an online source? There are a lot of Ad-blast-ish folk out there and I don’t want to be one of those.

2) While I am editing DAGGER, I am thinking about my next steps for HUNTSMAN. I am thinking Audiobook. How many of you prefer Audio to e-book or paperback and would have an interest in such a thing? (I don’t think I can afford to hire James Earl Jones or Sean Connery to read it for me…sadness)

3) The cost of quality sound equipment  is prohibitive for me right now. I have heard of Kickstarter projects where those who donate toward a fund receive a gift of some kind when the product has finished its funding and been produced. Have any of you donated to such a thing and been satisfied with the results and the product you have gotten in return? I have thought of a Kickstarter fund for a quality microphone and mixing software in order to read my book into the digital world and giving a copy to donors. (I don’t want something for nothing! I confess this idea makes me uncomfortable from a New-England-pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps perspective…but it feels like a logical next step for HUNTSMAN. My five year anniversary plan for the book is an illustrated deluxe version!)

Just some thoughts. I have a couple of hundred people in my sphere of influence right now and if some of you could let me know what you think of these questions it would help me to formulate the best plan!

MANY thanks to all my Followers! I am grateful to you all! I have linked a response form below. Thanks for your input!