Breaking Radio Silence…

Oh…what a year! It has been far too long since I have posted anything on the blog page, Tweetered, Facebookeringed or done anything remotely connected to Huntsman or Book Two. And I feel pretty guilty about that!

Here’s the deal: I was working a bazillion hours a week for paychecks at one full-time and two part-time jobs that were not enough to keep us above water and when a particularly nice opportunity for my wife fell through we had an existential meltdown, decided to pack our entire lives into a storage unit and leave the Cape Cod area. We headed for the hills, back to the White Mountains in Hew Hampshire…OUR mountains!

I’ll admit…it is a tad out of character for me to do such a thing without a solid plan. I had a ‘Brain Cloud’. I am still a little surprised that I even made this leap of faith, but here we are!

Within 10 days I had a full-time job in my field and have found some nice temporary lodgings while we get our feet under us in our new world and, to tell the truth the summer of my discontent was one of the best seasons I have had in many years.

There have been some technical difficulties. With my desktop computer in storage back on the Cape, it was of course the best time for the laptop to die! (Anyone with some data retrieval equipment they are willing  to donate to a fledgling novelist?)

I retrieved my desktopper and hope to fix Lappy soon, so watch this space for some more frequent postings!

I am in the northern woods now and hope to explore the Wilderlands beyond, where there be Dragons! I can feel the woodlands infusing me with Hope again. Like Jaakko, I haven’t had any of that for a long time.