Well…that was rubbish!

So my NaNoWriMo work this month crashed and burned. I have logged a paltry 14,000 ish words and will try for more, but at a certain point I reached a conclusion.

I am not going to catch up and cross the imaginary finish line.

But hey…what I did accomplish was a satisfactory cliff-hanger wrap-up of DAGGER for two main characters and with some very clean prose to boot. (The stated goal of National Novel Writing Month is to produce 50,000 words and clean em up later. I always have trouble with this. I like my words to be pretty from the get-go and can never produce them fast enough…)

Thus, there is a certain amount of crankiness because I could not accomplish the goals of the contest, I am HAPPY with what I produced. And that is so not the point to November…but it’ll have to do!

I am in the midst of finishing up Book Two of the Hunted Mage Trilogy for Paperback and e-publishing. My goal was January 10th, but that will not happen either. More like end of January early Feb. I don’t want to rush my Beta-readers through the holidays. That would not be fair! I am NOT a Scrooge!

On a side note, I got a positive comment on a query letter I sent out to a book reviewer concerning HUNTSMAN. I tried to submit it to a site that would read it and post a review and list it on their webpage. He was way too busy to read the book and had to tell me ‘No, thank you!’ but he did tell me that my query letter was very professional, gave him everything he needed for data, gave him nothing he DIDN’T want and was exactly the right blend of confident and courteous. He said if my writing was half as professional as my query letter I would have no problem getting someone to read and review.
I have never gotten feedback on an inquiry before so I was glad to hear that. So…yay for rejection letters!!

Okay…back to Book Two for the wrap up!