For a change of pace for my readers…Fryeburg Maine & NaNoWriMo!

A longtime friend of ours from our old home in the mountains has released a  second book in a series that starts during the Revolutionary War Era.

The Fryeburg Chronicles is set in rural Fryeburg, Maine. June O’Donal has lived there with her family for many years and you can see how much she loves it through her writing.

Book One: The Amazing Grace, published in June of 2011, is set during the Revolutionary War.

Book Two: A Secret and a Promise takes place from 1792 to 1806.

Both are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble & Xulon Press.

So for anyone who enjoys Christian Historical Fiction…go there! Buy them! Read!

A day and a half to go til National Novel Writing Month. 50,000 Words in 30 Days.

I am NOT ready. I have a plan, but haven’t finished my outline yet…

As a NON- Seat-of-the-pants Writer, this makes me verrry nervous.

But here is my plan: Write…Really Fast! And A Lot! Whew! Okay here’s the REAL plan: The One year out of Six that I finished 50K I chose 10 empty chapters and wrote until I had 5,000 words in each. I think that 50K is too vague a number for me. It might as well be a million. But just five thousand? That seems to be a chunk I can wrap my brain around.

I am going to try it again this month. I may take two unfinished sections from Dagger (Book 2) and wrap them up then take 8 from Book 3 and hammer them out. I have some details to wrangle but, as it is the 31st, they will just have to be fixed on the other side of November.

I will try to update here weekly with progress,  maybe with some ranting and screaming, maybe with some raw footage of Book 3.

Wish me luck! Going into radio silence until December.

To all the Insane Authors joining me: Godspeed, Wordsmiths!!




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