Well, lookee what we have here…

I found this link to a site in the UK listing HUNTSMAN for paperback. I assume it goes through Createspace, but it’s the first I’ve found for anything beside the Amazon overseas sites so I was tickled!

Book Depository.

So, let me list a few others:

iTunes, Sony Readers, Kobo Readers.

And remember, I have a $2.00 off Coupon Code (G8EG4CX2) for the paperback version of HUNTSMAN at Createspace!

In other news…I am giving National Novel Writing Month a try again. I must must obey the exhortations of my soul!

Or…I am a Masochist! I am not sure which.

The way I figure it…the more I write the better and November’s contest of attempting 50,000 words in 30 days is a good spur. I plan to put a good sized hole in Book Three of the Hunted Mage Trilogy…

I will keep this blog posted with updates once a week and hope to have a link to a widget that will show my word count progress.

If anyone has any ideas to keep me on target post a reply.


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