My Book Review of “I Left My Brains in San Francisco”

I have been working my way through “I Left My Brains in San Francisco” as part of Karina Fabian‘s October Blog Tour for the release of Book Two of her Neeta Lyffe series.

I am both pleased and dismayed!

I have a growing fascination for Zombies (Hey! Who doesn’t? Don’t you judge me!) and the Neeta Lyffe series has an interesting take on them: If the world DOESN’T end…who’s going to clean up this mess?

Zombie Exterminators! Terminex ™…for the Undead. It all makes perfect sense and Karina adds a level of wit and sarcasm that makes it entertaining as well.

What Jasper Fforde did for literary classics with Thursday Next and Douglas Adams did for alien invasions with Arthur Dent; Karina has done with Neeta for zombies. She’s made them fun!

Here’s a bit that tickled me during Neeta Lyffe’s interview with a blogger:

 “Just since 2023, when the United States first started tracking statistics, zombie sightings have been cut in half. How do you feel about working yourself out of your job?”

 Neeta laughed. Didn’t she and Ted just have this conversation?

 “Actually, it’s closer to sixty percent. Really, that’s been thanks to preventative efforts like mandatory spine severing before burial. Zombie exterminators only handle the problem after it’s become a problem…”

It’s the work-a-day world aspect of the conversation above that amused me.

“I Left My Brains in San Francisco” is interspersed with bits of documentary, radio broadcast and video blog clips that help prevent an info-dump in between scenes with the main characters. Those short chapters help fill out the world Karina is building without slowing down the pace.

There are revelations about the cause, effect and possible curing of zombie-ism but no spoilers today!

Well…maybe just one…The Love Triangle. A strangely passive-aggressive Love Triangle that leave me wanting to knock some heads together with cartoon-like coconut sounds.

And yes, despite the massive zombie assault they get this mess all sorted out.

Neeta is suffering from a little post-traumatic stress after the events of Book One and is truly not on her A-game for a bit during these goings on. She has taken a hit to the confidence and plays the Passive side in this triangle and is waiting for someone to make their move.

Ted Hacker, Neeta’s ‘partner’ takes both a passive AND aggressive role in our affaire du’coeur. He has done everything he can to make his feelings known to Neeta…everything but actually saying it!

His words to her during an argument are perfect to describe Ted: “I’m messy. I’m the raw footage, the cherry-flavored goo, the stuff that never fits back in the box. Maybe you need to think about that.”

Marcel Chelemas is our Just-Plain-Aggressive side of the triangle. Winner of the Zombie Death Extreme reality show (the Bayou Season) this full-of-himself charmer has set his sights on Neeta as a trophy and does everything he can to take her and set her on his shelf. (He has infomercials advertising his Zombie Survival Training Course…I shouldn’t have to go any further with this! Infomercials!?)

But I will…tomorrow. I have an interview with Author Karina Fabian about the book and hope you will come again!

Find I Left My Brains in San Francisco at:

Damnation Books:

Amazon: (paper) (Kindle)

More about it at

PS “Are You the Next Zombie Idol?” singing contest! Damnation Books and Karina are looking for someone to sing the theme song she wrote for I Left My Brains in San Francisco. She has the words and the tune; but needs a singer. They are offering prizes for the best singer, the most creative audition video, and are giving one in ten entries a copy of the e-book. Hurry! Contest ends Nov. 1st. The details are at



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