Ohhhhh, New Nooks! And a new low price for Huntsman…


I’ve gotta be honest…I still don’t own any form of e-reader but my HP iPaq 1955 Personal Digital Assistant.

Which I love with all the attachment of The Doctor and his sonic screwdriver.

(THIS is MY Doctor, by the way. You can keep the others…)

Bought a replacement screen and performed an intensive surgery to keep it alive…though now I have to align the screen with the diagnostic app every few uses.

I have done a bit of e-reading with it and like that well enough…but I am still way more of a ‘books with pages’ kinda guy.

But I am all for new technology. I like the idea of it…I just won’t use it myself.

So, in an effort to reward those folk who embrace these new devices…(and also to try to sell a few more copies…because my Nook sales have been terrible…maybe everyone has been waiting for these babies) I am dropping Huntsman for Nook to $4.99.

Since the new Nooks are all High-definition it’s good that I wrote the whole novel using patented 3D e-Smell technology. While your eyes are soaking in the stunningly gripping High Def words on your screen, you can scratch-n-sniff paragraphs for that extra-sensatory something. (The tangy-acidic smell of dragon, the yeasty odor of Viking ale, the pungent smell of unwashed hunter and the smell of charred Mage…)

You will never read the same way again if you download Huntsman for your Nook!

(Okay…I made up that e-smell stuff.) (It’s in Beta…)




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