Busy day yesterday!


Day One of Man-Fest was gorgeous. I drove out of gloomy over-cast Cape Cod to a beautiful sunny Attleboro for the festival.

After a rocky start… (while setting up my booth, a water hose fitting in the wall behind me decided to burst. Barely missed soaking my laptop & paperback books!) I sold some of the small supply of HUNTSMAN I had to sell, so I am back at it again today.

I own a re-creation of a Viking Dagger produced by the Franklin Mint many years ago and I have it displayed on the table with my books as an example of the era I write in for the Trilogy. Between the dagger and the bowl of candy corn my wife bought for the booth (shrewd woman that she is…) I have a steady stream of interested people thru my table. There is far more interest in my candy and weapon than my book so far…but I persevere!

My signing hand is all limbered up and I am determined to sell off the rest of my stacks today!

Brief overview:

Many thanks to Mary Ann for being my first ‘Signed-book-event’ customer!

A passer-by named Rose walked by with her son & husband, kept looking back at my booth instead of watching ahead and stepped on his heels before telling him she’d be back in a minute. Turns out she was an avid fantasy reader before her son was born and hasn’t had any time to read since. (The boy looked to be about 4 years old.) She went back to the husband for dollars and came for a book! YES!! I got someone RE-Hooked on fantasy reading. (I briefly felt like a drug-dealer…)

Had a conversation with an eight year old girl about the existence of dragons. (Loch Ness monster sightings, Biblical descriptions, numerous cultural depictions of large, reptilian creatures from around the world…I think I have her convinced!) Yet when I said I WROTE the book she was looking at she said: Really? YOU’RE Michael?

She looked inside the cover at the name again, checked the picture on the back and squinted at me to verify…I think she wanted some form of ID from me…it was hilarious.

Looking forward to Day 2…



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