So…where will I be today?

Signing copies of my book at MAN-Fest!!

Waters Church in North Attleboro is having what at first sounds like Festivus…for the rest of us! (Please excuse the Seinfeld reference…)

Car show… Feats of strength… Jousting?… a Mustache / beard competition…games and raffles galore.

And in the midst of the mêlée will be lil’ ole me. Selling signed paperback copies of HUNTSMAN.

My first ever book sale & sign event! Gotta admit…little nervous. But one thing I can say for sure:

A MAN-Fest is definitely the place to sell HUNTSMAN. Evil wizard, acid-spewing dragon, marauding warlord, grizzled sailor, a relentless hunter. Battle, revenge, betrayal…

What’s not to love about that, gentlemen? So…come on by and have some fun!

Or at least heckle the noobie author peddling his wares.


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