A few more locations to find Huntsman…

Smashwords, which I used to publish Huntsman for e-book formats not covered by Kindle, Nook or Paperback, distributes to numerous book outlets across the internets.

I have been looking for them and I now find that, gradually, most of these now carry my e-book on their virtual shelves.

The Sony Reader Store, 

Diesel (which I had never heard of, heretofore…)

and the iTunes Store.

Some explanation for iTunes: Of course I can give no link for iTunes because it’s iTunes and they go through the separate application…aaaaand if you search for ‘Huntsman’ you will naturally find a bazillion items for ‘Snow White and the…’ but if you search ‘Books’ then click ‘See All’ my little e-book is there, nestled all snug and warm in the notoriety of the Hollywood version and interspersed with books by an Author named Huntsman.

Yeah…fifth row down…you know…prominent like! I will proudly state that my e-cover stands out in that crowd. All bright and shiny with a wooded sunset! I weep…it’s so pretty!

I am content in the knowledge that, once I hit several best-seller list and a movie or two (I figure if I get Peter Jackson to direct it Huntsman alone could be a 3 movie deal) are underway I will move to the top of iTunes lists and have the top row all to myself!

Yeah…that’s the ticket…


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