A new Video Trailer…

Slowly but surely, I progress.

This is the third video trailer for Huntsman. I wanted there to be a video teaser for each protagonist for Book One and now…we have them!

I have enjoyed the video making process. It is always a challenge to take a character’s story and distill it down to a sentence or two for the videos. It is a great exercise.

I am turning my efforts to finishing up some loose ends of Book Two: Dagger and will begin in a month or two with some preview trailers to introduce two new characters to the Trilogy.

Beta-readers! (Those still able and willing…you know who you are!) You are on deck for the end of September to get advance reader copies of Dagger.

There is a link on the left of my blog’s main page for the video.

Or this to YouTube.

Or here to Facebook.

Oh…and don’t be shy about passing on my links to your family and friends. I can use all the help I can get in spreading the word! (Plus Huntsman is still on sale for my birthday until the end of August! They will all want to know…I am almost positive!)


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