This just in…

Wow. Un-blogged for seven days…not good!

But what a week. I have a new appreciation for the phrase ‘When it rains, it pours!’ I have been muddling along through a period of unemployment since late October and times are getting a little tight around here.

I have applied to dozens of positions in my field and dozens for management in general with no results.

And this week I get two offers for part-time work and a call from another potential full-time position. My wife has found a part-time position and had two more offers pop up as well in the last seven days.  It is truly odd.

A fat lotta nothin’ for so long then piles of work thrown at us all in the same week.

These odd jobs will keep us afloat. They are a God-send at a point when we have car repairs, re-registration of said car, an IRS tax bill slammed on us and the possibility of a table at a weekend convention where I will sell some books if we can raise the cash to buy a shipment.

The light at the end of this tunnel? Maybe not a TRAIN this time!

I hope to blog and tweet more regularly when the schedules regulate.


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