Okay…I’m Back! With a birthday sale!

It has been one of those busy ‘Cape Cod in August’ weeks…the kind with house guests and summer library program events and the best of all: The Wiggles in concert at the Melody Tent in Hyannis!

(If I may digress for just a moment into a ‘Dad’ rabbit trail: how much do the Wiggles ROCK? 21 years of performance and they still draw hordes of little children and give them a wild, exciting concert! Greg (yellow) is back after leaving the group due to illness and when we heard he would be gone again after this year’s tour along with Murray (red) and Jeff (purple) we knew we had to go!) Anthony (blue) is staying on and leading the three new Wiggles in the coming years. (Spoiler alert: one of the three newbies is a young lady!)

It was fun and sad at the same time!

Okay. Toddler-fest is over. A couple of pieces of housekeeping:

  1. Anyone who bought Huntsman in the first few weeks of July should go back and download the revised copy if they haven’t already. In proofing the paperback we caught a few glitches in formatting that I have corrected in all copies.
  2. I would love to hear your feedback on Huntsman. I am always looking for ways to improve my Craft and would love to hear from you! (Especially on the Barnes & Noble Nook versions!)

I have had an interview with a blogger and have answered ‘7 Questions for the Horse‘ at the blog of the Literary _Equine! That was fun.

And finally! It’s m’ birthday next week! And in Hobbit fashion I wanted to do something special. So, from now until Aug 31st Huntsman is available at 25% off…in honor of my twenty-fifth birthday! (Or the 25th anniversary of my mumbley-mumbled birthday!!)

All the e-books have been reduced to $5.99. The paperback I reduced to $13.45. They would not let me lower it any further…some legalese about distribution channels and extra shipping fees! I don’t understand it…but hey! If you want the paperback I will discount it further by promising to come by your house and wash your dishes some night!!

You can’t ask for a better deal!


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