My first ever Guest Blogger…

My new favorite blogger Only Me Am I posted a longer review of Huntsman on his blog and gave me permission to share it on mine!

Never had a guest Blogger before and do not know the proper introductory etiquette…so…um… Wonder Guest Blogger Powers…ACTIVATE!


Rant: So I finished “Huntsman” by Michael Wilson and it was very enjoyable.  I highly recommend that you pick it up.  So here is my review;
I picked up the sample eBook and unlike so many that give you the title page and maybe the table of contents this gives you four chapters!  After the first chapter I was intrigued after the second chapter I grew enthralled after chapter three I couldn’t put it down.  I purchased the book and was not disappointed.
The story follows three trails that of Eyulf, a Mage who through an accident destroys his home and disfigures himself.  The second Jaakko, a huntsman and his determination to hunt down a vicious beast that devastated his village. The last story we follow Avitus a soldier/sailor who becomes stranded in a new northern land lost to his profession, an older gentleman, finds his way into a kings service.
As the stories progress we see the world unfold with a coming threat. I can see that as I wait for book two to come out, that the stories will further intertwine.
This story is a very interesting view of the fantasy genre the interesting use of magic being tied to old Swedish  folklore of rune-singers somehow singing the elements into shape and form.
All in all by the end of the book it left me wanting more leaves me wondering where the story will go.  I highly recommend it. From what I hear it should be in paperback soon…”
Many Thanks to OnlyMeAmI for the longer review! You can find his Blog here:
Yes! Huntsman IS out in paperback! Available here!
As well as Kindle, Nook and other e-reader formats. (Huntsman has shipped to Kobo and Apple but they have a review process all their own and I have not found my book listed in those venues yet!)

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