Details, always more details!


Here we go with a short list of updates news:

  • I am waiting on the last review of Huntsman at Createspace. This is the site that will print the paperback version. It has taken this long to proof the hard copy they sent me. (I think I will need glasses soon. Staring so hard at the screen then the paper…) So…very soon, I will post the links to the Createspace store!
  • In the proofing of the paperback, we found some spacing, punctuation and wording issues. (I even found a continuity error or three…*hangs head in shame*) These have been corrected and I thank you all for your patience! I found it much easier to proof read a book with pages and ink than on the screen, so I think I will reverse the process for Book Two and get the paperback up first.
  • This means that anyone who bought an e-book should return to the site they bought it from and re-download the revised version. (This is easy to do. As long as you are logged in properly, you can get the update. There may be different procedures for the varying e-readers, but there should be no charge for the update.)
  • I have made the ‘Premium Catalog’ list at Smashwords. (This means I formatted they way they want) and will be on their expanded distribution. This means that HUNTSMAN will soon be for sale on the Sony, Kobo and Apple sites for their e-readers!
  • Here is the paperback cover:
Paperback book cover



2 thoughts on “Details, always more details!”

  1. Congrats! But if your cover art isn’t set in stone, may I make a suggestion? Either make the author photo a little smaller, or increase the space around it, and maybe move it in on the left so that it’s in line with the text? It looks kind of off-center and squished the way it is. Other than that, love the cover!!

    1. Hi Michelle,
      It does look a tad squished on that photo, but the book itself will have a barcode next to the photo and text when it comes from the printer. I didn’t have a lot of wiggle room. (I will adjust some for book two to try to avoid that. Thanks for the suggestion!)

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