Whew! Almost lost my cool for a moment there…


I have been using this blog to talk about Huntsman for months now and today…I cannot post a new message. I hunt around and find a message in the dashboard to contact WP via the link they showed.

I tried to log into the forums to trouble shoot it and found a message saying I cannot post messages because my account has been locked.

I was getting a little nervous then. What on earth had I done to get a suspended account? I couldn’t think of anything that I hadn’t seen a hundred other authors do on THEIR blogs dozens of times.

Anthony reached me by e-mail and told me the whole thing was a mistake. I have gone from ‘Controversial and Banned’ to ‘In Good Standing’ in a dozen minutes!

THAT is as close to ‘disreputable’ as I think I want to be right now.

Thanks, Anthony @ WordPress! For taking me off the ‘disavowed’ lists. I gotta say, the risk of sounding like a suck-up not withstanding…, I have really come to like WordPress and the way the staff handles problems!



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