Off to another adventure at the unemployment office…

I went to a seminar yesterday called ‘Resumes that Work’ wherein I discovered that EVERY employer on the planet (and quite possibly the international space station as well) HATES my resume!

(If we had a Mars Base, my money says the employers THERE would hate it too. The lower gravitational pull would let them jettison my credentials with ease…)

Floating Space Junk…that is the best my resume can aspire to…with the hope that the cosmic storms from last weekend would incinerate it before I can cause any more pain and suffering by making potential employers look at it!

Okay…I may be exaggerating a tad. The Presenter did not actually chew it to shreds and spit it at me. (She looked like she wanted to…but did not. )(We were all consummate professionals!)

We were all quite advanced in years, leading to some discussion on age discrimination and the young sprouts that we were handing in all these faulty resumes to!

It was like the movie “The Expendables” where the aging mercenaries all hire on for ‘one last job’. (And now they have a sequel…Expendables II…See what can happen if you draft your resume correctly…work falls out of the sky to land in your lap like a precious Butterfly of Fortune!)

Now I am off for another informational session called “Creating a SMART plan”

(Gosh…that beats my ‘Flail about wildly looking for work’ plan!)



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