In other News…

In and around my e-publishing saga, my quest for gainful employment has continued. I finally got the obligatory ‘You must come in to the Unemployment Office and we will review your work search documents and explain why you are doing this ALL WRONG!

My meeting was an informational seminar wherein the man told us all of the rules and regulations dealing with our unemployment benefits. It was a two-hour seminar filled with 30 to 40 minutes of information. Yay! It was an Office Space sort of day filled with stereotypical characters:

The Angry Young Exec who argued with each point of the presenters speech with helpful tidbits like: Well…that depends on the structure of the compensation! (Oh…and it was very persuasive since he wore cut-offs and flip-flops to the meeting!)

The Mentally Challenged Young Man fighting a valiant battle against bladder-control and had to leave for the restrooms 4 times in an hour and a half.

The 54-Year Old Contractor In a Leg Brace who cannot do the construction work due to his injury but also has zero computer skills. Each time the presenter mentioned a web-site to help with the search for work, this man gave a derisive snort and said “Yeah…right!” Also in flip-flops & shorts set off stylishly with a tank-top!

The Hispanic Woman who may or may not have understood a single word spoken during the entire seminar and…

The Young Newbie Registered Nurse Next to her who could not log-into the Work Search Massachusetts state job database when asked to do so because…she forgot her zip-code! The presenter spent as much time as he could helping her…

There was also the Computer Geek who had to be told three times to NOT web-browse and type while the presentation was going on. Impressive for having not shaved or combed his hair for the event.

It was like Gilligan’s Island.

Oh, and don’t forget me!

I, of course, filled the role of Class Clown. When the class was asked what was the most important thing each of us could do to find employment today I replied with “Stalk you to your home and wash your car so you put in a good word for me?”

For which I got a smile and a brief ‘Atta-boy’ statement! *blushes*

Sometimes…it’s not easy being me!



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