Pure Magic!

I hold in my hands…and believe me it makes it very hard to type, yet I cannot bear to put it down…a paperback copy of my book.

I love those words.  I have been grinning like an idiot since the UPS guy dropped it on our back porch. It’s REAL. There’s paper and ink with a spine and back cover blurb with our picture beneath. (No…I have NOT begun referring to myself in the third person tense. I put a family photo.)

It’s got page numbers! And a table of contents. And all my words printed right there on the pages! It is Awesome!

I have a paperback copy of my book. (I just had to say it again!)

It has a nice heft to it. I LIKE it!

It is a PROOF. We need to go over it and make sure all the Words are pretty, but we may have a Paperback Book for sale by the weekend. I am cautiously optimistic!



5 thoughts on “Pure Magic!”

  1. Congratulations!!!!!:) It’s always been a dream of mine to get published but I’m just starting as a writer so it’s really cool to actually read about someone who is reaching their goals:) Best of luck as you continue to write!

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