In other news…Huntsman: in Paperback?

While the e-book versions of Huntsman have uploaded and become available for Kindle, Nook and through Smashwords for other types of e-readers, I have been prepping the paperback version!

A little tougher to do! I have a proof copy on its way to me so I can give the cover art I assembled and the interior layout a thumbs-up or down before we make the physical book available through Createspace.

I am a little nervous and a lot excited about the idea of having my book in my hands instead of on a screen!

And I also have to wear my Marketeer’s Hat! I have always bought books. I never had to SELL one before. (I would like to get some reviews of Huntsman from some of you that have read it onto a page of this blog, so if any of you would be so kind as to log in to the site you purchased it from and give it a rating I would greatly appreciate your Words!)

I DON’T want to Twitter-blast. (I will use Twitter but only when I have something constructive to say and not just “Buy my Book! Buy my Book! Buy my Book! Buy my Book! )

So, does anyone have any fun and creative ideas to sell books that don’t irritate the Hell out of people? What turns you OFF of buying a book?





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