HUNTSMAN now available in Paperback!

Here is the link for Createspace:

This is the place to go for people who like a little more ‘book’ in their books!

Paper! Ink!  Spines! Page Numbers! Huzzah! (When you fan the pages it makes a little puff of ink smelling breeze on your face! Try THAT with an e-reader…)

To celebrate the Paperback release I built another video trailer:

HUNTSMAN Trailer 2




Details, always more details!


Here we go with a short list of updates news:

  • I am waiting on the last review of Huntsman at Createspace. This is the site that will print the paperback version. It has taken this long to proof the hard copy they sent me. (I think I will need glasses soon. Staring so hard at the screen then the paper…) So…very soon, I will post the links to the Createspace store!
  • In the proofing of the paperback, we found some spacing, punctuation and wording issues. (I even found a continuity error or three…*hangs head in shame*) These have been corrected and I thank you all for your patience! I found it much easier to proof read a book with pages and ink than on the screen, so I think I will reverse the process for Book Two and get the paperback up first.
  • This means that anyone who bought an e-book should return to the site they bought it from and re-download the revised version. (This is easy to do. As long as you are logged in properly, you can get the update. There may be different procedures for the varying e-readers, but there should be no charge for the update.)
  • I have made the ‘Premium Catalog’ list at Smashwords. (This means I formatted they way they want) and will be on their expanded distribution. This means that HUNTSMAN will soon be for sale on the Sony, Kobo and Apple sites for their e-readers!
  • Here is the paperback cover:
Paperback book cover


Whew! Almost lost my cool for a moment there…


I have been using this blog to talk about Huntsman for months now and today…I cannot post a new message. I hunt around and find a message in the dashboard to contact WP via the link they showed.

I tried to log into the forums to trouble shoot it and found a message saying I cannot post messages because my account has been locked.

I was getting a little nervous then. What on earth had I done to get a suspended account? I couldn’t think of anything that I hadn’t seen a hundred other authors do on THEIR blogs dozens of times.

Anthony reached me by e-mail and told me the whole thing was a mistake. I have gone from ‘Controversial and Banned’ to ‘In Good Standing’ in a dozen minutes!

THAT is as close to ‘disreputable’ as I think I want to be right now.

Thanks, Anthony @ WordPress! For taking me off the ‘disavowed’ lists. I gotta say, the risk of sounding like a suck-up not withstanding…, I have really come to like WordPress and the way the staff handles problems!


Review #2 for HUNTSMAN!

Many thanks to ‘OnlyMeAmI’ for a great review!
5.0 out of 5 stars Captivating, July 17, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Huntsman (The Hunted Mage Trilogy) (Kindle Edition)

I picked up the preview and couldn’t put it down. Delving into a fantasy realm not touched by many authors makes Huntsman stand out from a formidable pack. Pick up the sample and I’d bet you end up picking this up. The only problem is I have to wait to read book two! There’s a preview at the end and I am definitely looking forward to see where the story goes.



Off to another adventure at the unemployment office…

I went to a seminar yesterday called ‘Resumes that Work’ wherein I discovered that EVERY employer on the planet (and quite possibly the international space station as well) HATES my resume!

(If we had a Mars Base, my money says the employers THERE would hate it too. The lower gravitational pull would let them jettison my credentials with ease…)

Floating Space Junk…that is the best my resume can aspire to…with the hope that the cosmic storms from last weekend would incinerate it before I can cause any more pain and suffering by making potential employers look at it!

Okay…I may be exaggerating a tad. The Presenter did not actually chew it to shreds and spit it at me. (She looked like she wanted to…but did not. )(We were all consummate professionals!)

We were all quite advanced in years, leading to some discussion on age discrimination and the young sprouts that we were handing in all these faulty resumes to!

It was like the movie “The Expendables” where the aging mercenaries all hire on for ‘one last job’. (And now they have a sequel…Expendables II…See what can happen if you draft your resume correctly…work falls out of the sky to land in your lap like a precious Butterfly of Fortune!)

Now I am off for another informational session called “Creating a SMART plan”

(Gosh…that beats my ‘Flail about wildly looking for work’ plan!)


My first Customer Review for HUNTSMAN!

Very excited for my first review! Thank you Mr. Balch!
5.0 out of 5 stars A fantastic Novel,July 14, 2012
By Kenneth Balch (Crofton, MD United States)
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Huntsman (The Hunted Mage Trilogy) (Kindle Edition)

This Novel will take you into new cultures you’ve never experienced, those of filled with magic, honor, and a constant theme of never giving. I loved it and cannot wait for the next two books to be released.

The Review Page




In other News…

In and around my e-publishing saga, my quest for gainful employment has continued. I finally got the obligatory ‘You must come in to the Unemployment Office and we will review your work search documents and explain why you are doing this ALL WRONG!

My meeting was an informational seminar wherein the man told us all of the rules and regulations dealing with our unemployment benefits. It was a two-hour seminar filled with 30 to 40 minutes of information. Yay! It was an Office Space sort of day filled with stereotypical characters:

The Angry Young Exec who argued with each point of the presenters speech with helpful tidbits like: Well…that depends on the structure of the compensation! (Oh…and it was very persuasive since he wore cut-offs and flip-flops to the meeting!)

The Mentally Challenged Young Man fighting a valiant battle against bladder-control and had to leave for the restrooms 4 times in an hour and a half.

The 54-Year Old Contractor In a Leg Brace who cannot do the construction work due to his injury but also has zero computer skills. Each time the presenter mentioned a web-site to help with the search for work, this man gave a derisive snort and said “Yeah…right!” Also in flip-flops & shorts set off stylishly with a tank-top!

The Hispanic Woman who may or may not have understood a single word spoken during the entire seminar and…

The Young Newbie Registered Nurse Next to her who could not log-into the Work Search Massachusetts state job database when asked to do so because…she forgot her zip-code! The presenter spent as much time as he could helping her…

There was also the Computer Geek who had to be told three times to NOT web-browse and type while the presentation was going on. Impressive for having not shaved or combed his hair for the event.

It was like Gilligan’s Island.

Oh, and don’t forget me!

I, of course, filled the role of Class Clown. When the class was asked what was the most important thing each of us could do to find employment today I replied with “Stalk you to your home and wash your car so you put in a good word for me?”

For which I got a smile and a brief ‘Atta-boy’ statement! *blushes*

Sometimes…it’s not easy being me!