The checklist from Hell…

I am on the brink of self-publishing…


Here are some things I never knew before:

No program on the planet will stay at 300 dots per inch when I set it there.They must all revert back to 72 dpi when the hour strikes!

Margins, headers and footers will all stand up, stretch and shuffle aimlessly around my document as soon as my back is turned. They are like a band of Settings Zombies whose source of nourishment consists of the screams of Outrage and tufts of hair I hurl at them when I return.

Indents will shift in by one tenth of an inch through means I cannot fathom. Oh, but not all of them. Just every fourth or fifth. Just enough to make the Ctl +A function decide it doesn’t have to shift them back when I ask nicely.

The Bad News is Smashwords may take up to a week to show anything on their site. I will keep everyone updated as to when they list HUNTSMAN.

Here’s the Good news…I am still on track. The Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook formats should be up on Tuesday!!

When my brain finally won’t work on the formatting anymore, I have been working on a couple of video clips. One wil be ready on Monday night. Sort of a Launch Day Eve bit of entertainment. And the other will go live on July 3rd at Noon.

They will both be available on the Michael R. Wilson’s Fiction Facebook page.//


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