Once more into the breach!! Advice on Cover Art?

I  have decided to do it! No more waffling.

I am formatting the First book of my fantasy trilogy now for e-book through Smashwords, Amazon and B&N.   Soon after that I will have a manuscript set-up for Createspace to sell by paperback!

My thanks to Catherine, Caffeinated for a month of self-pub advice on her blog and Steve Umstead for answering all of my pesky Twitter direct messages! You have both given me the nudge I needed. (I shall most likely contact you both in a last minute panic!)

The Hunted Mage Trilogy is 2/3 complete. Well…Book 2 needs some detail work but I like how it has come out so far.

Some Characters from Book the First:

  • Eyulf, a Mage’s apprentice, destroys his family home using forbidden magic and is maimed and disfigured in the resulting maelstrom. His obsession with Power grows as he seeks a way to restore his shattered body. An argument with his wife-to-be, Aila, ends in violence and their separation, and he grows increasingly ruthless in his search for stronger spells.
  • Jaakko, a simple huntsman, returns to his village late one night to find his home destroyed by a monstrous creature. With his family dead, he spends a fruitless decade hunting the beast before begging help from powerful Mage. Tricked into using magic he does not understand, Jaakko finds himself bonded to the monster he has vowed to kill.
  • Avitus’, an officer aboard a Byzantine ship of war, learns that his captain’s orders are to sell their ship and abandon the crew in the far North. Now a penniless outlander, he finds work as Steward to a future king. When a crippled Mage comes to court bearing gifts, Avitus starts to see alarming changes in his King.
  • Aila, later the wife of King Wyman, is terrified by Eyulf’s appearance in her husband’s court and grows alarmed by her husband’s loss of initiative as the mage’s influence grows stronger. She searches for ways to undermine him and finally flees the castle to protect herself from Eyulf’s renewed attentions.

I love how far this story has progressed.

My question for any of you who have self-pubbed: Cover art! Can you give me some advice on where to find some free art work to use on an e-cover?


4 thoughts on “Once more into the breach!! Advice on Cover Art?”

  1. Hi Michael,

    Cover art is a tricky one for keeping the costs down; but if you intend to produce a physical paper book – and why shouldn’t you after all that work? – It really is worth employing a designer unless you know about it already or want a really steep learning curve. Congratulations on finishing your second book. Really nice photo of the family!

    I’m working at the moment so have not had much time to catch up on fellow bloggers. Will be back to read more. Thanks for following the ‘Ship’ although as you will have seen it’s kind of on hiatus at the moment.

    Cheers for now


  2. Hi Kevin! Good to hear from you. My biggest obstacle is being unemployed right now. I have been foolishly squandering my funds on food and rent. 🙂
    I would love a designer but will have to make do with what I can piece together myself until my fiscal times’a change!
    Love the site. It is right in keeping with my trilogy’s era of AD 1000 and the Norse traditions!

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