Book 2 of my fantasy trilogy work-in-progress THE HUNTED MAGE has reached the One Hundred Ten Thousand word mark!

I first set my goal for the 1st of May and that dream fizzled and died. (I think that there was actually a sort of *splort* sound.) I was a bit disappointed with myself. (See: my last post)

I set my new goal as 9PM May 21st.


The story is not complete (I never said that…) (I never did!) but it is now ready for revision. More words will come as I go over the storyline and make sure that it is well-connected and has no gaps that will be confusing to read.

Re-wording to fix grammatical errors will happen as well, once my Lovely Bride does my first edit. (She’s good…she’s verrrry good!)

110K was my ‘Meat and Potatoes’ goal. (I still have to choose a side dish or two to make my Story Meal healthy and nutritious!)

Damn. I really should have waited until after supper to blog about this. My blood-sugar just crashed and all you are getting is food analogy. I’ll be right back…

Okay. Better now! Where was I?

What is next? She reviews #2 while I make some corrections to #1 found by my alert squad of Beta-readers. A couple more beta reviews and I think I am going to attempt to self-publish.

The debate rages across the pages of the Internets: Traditional or self-publish? Print-on-demand or e-books?

It is mind-numbing the amount of data available on the subject.

I lean toward Smashwords right now. I know that there are advocates and detractors of this as well.

How did you publish and through what medium? All reasonable discussions welcome!!



  1. Hi. Congratulations on reaching your goal with the draft of your second novel, and good luck with self-publishing the first. Wish I could give you sage advice, but I’ve just started writing my own novel, so I’m more in the begging for advice line myself right now. For what it’s worth, everything I’ve read says to go with ebooks (much less money out of pocket, much easier to format and prepare, much easier to sell something for $2.99 that $14.99) and pay for a professional cover design that looks good at amazon thumbnail size.

  2. We’re in the same boat; I too am getting ready to self-publish a fantasy trilogy.

    I tried for more than a year to get an agent, and after getting 50 rejection letters (and by “rejection letter” I also count those queries which got no response at all–which was most of them), I have decided to self-publish.

    I finally decided on a hard and fast publication date last night: October 31 of this year. I’m in my final proofreading edits now, then I’ll have to do a check of the formatting when I send it to print and e-book form, then it’s a go! Hell or high water, success or failure, I will have put out the best thing I can put out.

    I’ve been covering self-publishing and marketing on my blog recently. You might find something useful there, and if you have useful info, please share!

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