Success and failure combined…

So…okay. I did NOT finish my second novel by May 1st. I am 5,000 words short of what I need as a minimum to wrap up my middle-book story arc.

I am both dismayed and relieved at this.Here are the pro’s and con’s of my last month:

Pro #1- I found some part-time work that helped our budget. Things were getting a little tight during unemployment.

Con #1- There was much less time to write.

Pro #2- I found a routine during the days that I worked which allowed me to produce many words despite the hours at work. So production did not HALT!

Con #2- It was demolition work for a contractor. There were many ways in which my office worker/unemployed butt began to scream at me in horror at the sudden application of Heavy Labor.

Pro #3- My body got used to the work and I have trimmed down and built some muscle. Yay! (Okay…has nothing to do with writing goals, but an office monkey losing flab is always worth a Rah-Rah Cookie, innit?)

Con #3- Work dried up. I have learned some skills at carpentry along the way, but I am far too much of a Noob to keep on during the next phase of work on this renovation. It may be that another job will come along that needs my ability to de-construct things, but until then…the dollars go bye-bye.

So, back to writing and searching for work.

My new goal line for 110K is May 21st. Let’s see how it goes.


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