An ill-timed Potty-break…

We brought my daughter to the lawn of the Public Library yesterday. Biggest open space in town where the Chamber of Commerce does a huge Easter egg scramble.

We thought it was a hunt for hidden eggs, but it was simply a roped off circle with eggs strewn about. (I really like the word ‘strewn’! You don’t have to explain ‘strewn’. It is everything you need for a descriptor and nothing you don’t…)

The end result is like the melee event in a tournament of old. Just madness!

I was trying to advise Girl on what she should do to not get caught up in potential ugliness in the Egg-frenzy when we decided to make a quick run to the bathroom. It was 12:40. The website said the event began at 1pm so there was plenty of time, right?

The dapper lad in charge strides with Determined Intent to the center of the ring and…raising his Horn of Announcement (which is +10 to his Chronological Hit Points apparently) to his lips he begins his 10 second countdown at precisely 12:50 with no Girl in sight.

The wave of sugar-deficient children surges forward and the eggs disappear. Exactly 30 seconds before my Easter be-gloved She-child returns to join in.

Crest-fallen…that’s another adjective that needs no embellishment. She was very disappointed to have missed out and just as I felt a blast of Paternal Rage welling up (Come on! The newspaper said 1pm…not ish!) at least six kids with full baskets flock around my little girl and pour eggs from their baskets into hers.

Each of them lost very little volume in their loot but combined…it almost filled her basket. It was lovely…I was very surprised…cuz it’s kids…with sugary loot. Who woulda thunk it? But there you have it: a generous outpouring to a girl who missed out.

To all those kind young ones: My Easter bonnet is off to you! You made our day! Our Sincerest Thanks!


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