Thirty days left on my Book 2 countdown…

…and I feel pretty good about my daily word counts.

Despite having skipped writing for 50% of March, I ended only 1,330 words short of my 12.5K goal for the month. This is the closest I have ever come to meeting my monthly writing goals.

According to my wife…”This is the most you’ve ever stayed writing.” So…yay unemployment??

I have mixed feelings. But then I review…

I have been looking all over for work in my field and can find nothing near my location.

So I have widened my sphere and applied for things outside the area. Yes, I would have to move away, but I have gotten no answers from those applications either.

So, I write!

As of now, Book 2 of the Hunted Mage Trilogy is 88% complete.

I have 96,700 words written of a planned 110,000.

13,300 words left and 30 days left to write them.  Not impossible now that I have developed a schedule that has helped me produce 1,000 words a day for the last few days of March.

Problem: I find that I have waaaay too much story to wrap up in 13K words. Stupid characters are developing free-will and doing things I had not planned for them. Gotta rein ’em in, get ’em under my thumb again.

Supplemental Problem: I find that my writing flows best when my characters turn into free-range chickens! If I haul them up my words feel forced and are a little harder to get on page!

Gotta find a middle ground! Wish me luck!

Side note AND an appeal for feedback: I am leaning very close to self-publishing my books now that #2 is drawing to a close.

Are there any of you self-published who can advise me in how to get a manuscript edited professionally?


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  1. Congrats on getting so much done with your novels! I saw your blog about getting editing done. I have published three novels on Amazon’s Kindle store so far and am closing in on my fourth. Sadly, I never did find anyone who wanted to sit down and edit them, and ended up doing them myself. A reader found a few errors in one and was kind enough to write me so I could fix them.
    I ended up with an editing strategy that works great, but completely by accident. I found that, in formatting my Word document for Kindle format, all my tab spacing was off, which required me to review each paragraph and hit the delete key once to bring everything into line. That forced me to read the entire novel carefully, though, and I made quite a few changes. I have made that formatting error on purpose on the last two novels so I can use it in my editing service.
    I hope you’re considering Amazon for self publishing; it has gone very well for me and I don’t regret the time or process involved at all. I’d also pass along one tidbit that I wish I’d known earlier: the larger the novel, the costlier it is to print up paperbacks from Createspace, Amazon’s hardcopy print on demand service. A 110,000 word novel will probably cost around $10+ to sell on Amazon, while the shortest of mine (76,000 words) sells for $8. This plays a factor as I try to get a few copies in my local independent bookstore.
    Good luck, hopefully I’ll see your novels up on Amazon soon!

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