Interviews, word counts and a fever…

Why is it that there are great swathes of time that just plod along with nothing happening and then when you begin to count on that 20 things at once leap out of the void and mustbedonerightnowhurryupandattendtomethisinstant!!!

I have never understood this, but it never fails.

I dropped off a resume yesterday after a morning of fussing over a very sick little one (she got out of her bed, climbed into ours and announced that she felt droopy and wanted her breakfast in our bed this morning…), grocery shopping and finished it up with a Skype interview with a potential employer.

Kid-ling got sicker after that with a fever of almost 103 so we gave her a warm bath which broke it nicely. It was now 10PM and I had written no words whatsoever.

This bothers me. A lot! (Since becoming unemployed  the Search for Work has never stopped, but I have come to love the time I spend writing and severely miss it when I skip. I have skipped every other day in March but have doubled-down on my word count each day so I am still on target for completing Book the Second of my fantasy Trilogy.

If I can stop skipping days…AND double-down I could get ahead of schedule to finish it up early. (And with a background check document in my e-mail box for these interviews I have been having…I think I should do that promptly so once I am back to work I won’t feel so guilty about low writing days…)

Just another case of everything happening at once!!


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