February Stats:

I had a way better February than January in my little word count spreadsheet at least.

January: 4500 words (but much of my time was spent polishing Book 1 and sending it to an agent so it was still a ‘win’ right?

February: 11,600 words for Book 2.

I have approximately 24,500 words left to go in Book 2 and I want to have that done and polished by May 1st.

That means 24,500 words in 61 days. About 405 words per day. I can do that, right?

Spring is rapidly approaching and that means hotels opening and potential work available to end my unemployment. Huzzah! But my goals stand.

I will finish my second book by May no matter what.


6 thoughts on “February Stats:”

  1. Have you ever heard of 750words.com. It’s this really awesome writing tracker that’s free and it tells you what sense you wrote about the most, what words you used the most, etc. It’s really helpful and lovely. Just thought you might want to check it out. Good luck with all your writing! Looks like you’re GETTING THINGS DONE – YES!

    1. I like going at a pace where I LIKE my words, instead of in November where National Novel Writing Month makes me go so fast that I get irritated with my drivel. ( am new at wordpress. This is my second attempt at replying to you. I somehow deleted your message and put my reply in its place…I don’t think it should work that way…sorry bout dat!)

      1. I participated for 6 years and won in 2010…and that is enough for me. My lifestyle was one of letting work get in the way of writing so I felt Nov was the ‘make up test’ but I am done with that. I like my current project too much to do that again.(My wife and I spent january cleaning up my first novel and saying things like ‘WHAT?! This is just repeating words for Nov…cut that part out!’

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