Yet another Goals-for-the-New-Year Blog!

Welcome to my shiny brand-new blog!

May I have a resounding “NOOB!” from the audience?……Thank you!

I am a writer with a close-to-being-finished first installment of a Fantasy Trilogy called The Hunted Mage!

I have an agent interested in passing my work on to another agent who is looking for an author so I have some high hopes for the New Year.

Since I am currently unemployed I have been making great strides toward my final edit and hope to send Book 1 out by the end of January. (I would have sent it out before but my beta-reader Lea (my lovely bride) found a huge swath of pure drivel that I needed to re-write. (Wrote the drivel in a National Novel Writing Month and boy did it need tidying up!)

So, I must learn to market my work. Not so easy since I have never had any work to market before, but thanks to fellow author Karina Fabian I have some hints.

So here we go. I am looking for a widget that I can add to this site that will show my writing progress in a side bar.

Stay Tuned!